I'm back, well mostly. So, it would seem, is the bakery.

Reader, Thinker, Programmer. Not necessarily in that order. Computers, Books, Music, Friends, Bikes; preferably at the same time.

Procrastination is not a way of life. But it will do for now. (ss)
To explain concise, I'd have to be verbose. (ss)

e-mail: silverstormer at ye old hot male place...
Be warned vicious spam filters! (Under-Reconstruction)

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Non Compus Mentus

[Jan 09 2003, last modified Jan 02 2006]

[Jun 23 2004, last modified Apr 21 2006]

Anti-Tick Missile (-1)
Auto-directional Windscreen Washers (+1)
Bathroom Musical (+1, -1)
Day Change (0)
Double-take Arms of Mystery (0)
Enhanced Cows (+2)
Fun-kbeds (+1)
Hand-Glider (+1)
HB Auto-dictionary (+2)
Helmet eyes of surprise! (0)
I'm with Stupid Shirt (+21, -4)
Intelligent Printer (+1)
Moo Station (+1)
Mouse glove (0)
Personalised Auto Music (+1)
Pony Trap (+3, -5)
Re-racking Table (+15, -1)
Rock-Face Airbags (+1)
Roller-brakes (+1)
Rubbish efficiency (0)
Slide Protection (+2)
Soap Warmer (0)
Spider Moat (+1)
Starlight Coving (+1)
UV Pool (+1)
Vehicle Eco Display (+1)
Vernon/Miamicanes Mouse Override (+2, -1)
Whirlygig rewinder (+3)

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