From a magazine article I read back in the 1970s- To slow global warming by reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, it was proposed to load barges with solidified CO2 (dry ice), tow the barge to sea, and sink it in a deep ravine. It was proposed that the deep-sea pressures would prevent the CO2 from evaporating and bubbling to the surface. Maybe they'll do that eventually. We can send a robot submersible there to check to see if the CO2 polymerizes.

[Aug 25 2002]

35mm TLR (+1)
at-home hydrogen generator (+1, -3)
car operation video evidence (+1, -1)
Desktop Film Developer (+1)
disposable camera (0)
Firearms Liability Insurance (+6, -4)
Freeze Dried Bodies (0)
Hybrid replacement transmission (+5, -2)
Inflatable ultralight airplane (+7)
manual digital SLR camera (+1)
medium format film cartridge (0)
Multipurpose Vehicle (+4, -1)
polaroid camera conversion (+2)
Positive pressure face mask (0)
Prepacked Luggage (+5)
Smell-a-Vision (0)
standardized camera "target" image (0)
sugarless sugar glaze for pastry (+1)
Television University (+3)
"Too Warm" sticker for cold food (+2)

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