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      To create a halfbakery account, send e-mail to
Mention what username you'd like.

Theoretically, that's all you need to know.
The rest of this page is just there to try and help confused people. (A lot of people mix up halfbakery ideas with the site itself.)

How do I sign up?
You send e-mail to Mention what username you'd like.

What is this?
It's the halfbakery, a discussion forum for poorly thought-out original ideas for inventions. It doesn't make money, and doesn't sell products or services.

Why can't I see pictures of your products?
This isn't a store. There are no products, and hence no pictures of products. In general, there's nothing that you can't see now that you can see with an account - so if you're just reading, you don't need an account.

I want to contact a contributor to the site.
Getting an account doesn't help you with that. Check in the person's user page (click on their name) for an e-mail address. If you don't see one, the poster either doesn't want to be privately contacted or forgot to publish their e-mail address.

How do I do a reverse image search?
Sorry, you're at the wrong address. This site doesn't do reverse image searches. Someone talked about that here, but it's not what this site actually does - it's just a discussion forum.

I want to marry online.
Sorry, you're at the wrong address. The halfbakery doesn't perform online marriages. (In general, there's no such thing, although there are places which will perform legally meaningless ceremonies for money.)

I want to date someone with a matching mental illness.
Sorry, you're at the wrong address. There's an idea where people talk about that, but it's just talk -- this is a discussion forum, not the site that's being talked about.

Help me track my teen!
Sorry, you're at the wrong address. This site is not a store or service. It's just a place to talk about ideas for inventions. Some of them have to do with tracking people; others involve robotic road cones.

How do I order?
This site is not a store. It's just a place to talk about ideas for inventions. There are no products. You can't order them.

Send me a doctor's excuse.
This site is not a commercial service. It's just a place to talk about ideas for things, not a company or a store. Sorry.

Do my homework.
This site doesn't do your homework for you. There's an idea posted here that talks about that, but that's all it is - just talk.

No really, do my homework.
I do, of course, have a machine that does all my homework for me, but you can't use it.

Why won't you do my homework?
Because I'm mean.

What's going to happen to my e-mail address?
Nothing. The halfbakery software doesn't use e-mail. But you need to contact the human maintainer in some way, and email is a reasonable asynchronous text medium. It's fine to use one-off or short-lived addresses; you'll get one reply, and that's it.

Why do I need to contact to a human to get an account?
I'm trying to keep out spam and vandalism.

Market my invention.
Sorry, but you're not for us. This site is a place where normal people talk about silly ideas that don't exist yet. It's not a marketing device, and if you ignore that, and get an account, and use it to publicise your very real invention, you will make a lot of people angry at you or your company, and will lose your account.

Help me prove that I thought of my idea first.
This site is a place for people to talk about each other's goofy ideas; it's not a legal service.

You've stolen my idea!
Nobody's stealing anything. This is not a store. If you're commercially producing something that one of the halfbakery users has thought of independently, good for you. Get an account and annotate the halfbakery posting with a pointer to your real product. (Not all of them. The one that's actually relevant.)

If you don't want to get yet another stupid account somewhere, that's fine. Just send e-mail saying "Hey, I'm selling this!" with a link to your site, and the website's owner will annotate the idea in question for you. We're that nice.

How do I sign up?
You send e-mail to Mention what username you'd like.