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Description of what? my password? my surroundings? I give up. Really. Literally, I'd actually have to say down. I live approximately 22,000 miles up, usually over the general area of the islands that make up Vanuatu. I inhabit a small room that is part of what will become a habitat on Mars, if I can catch the next transit. I can watch weather patterns below, I can watch simulated beaches or mountains or whatever I feel like at any given moment (but I always have to give them back--what's with that??)on the only bare wall; I have shelves full of beads and books(four totally loaded eRs, 4 more waiting. My eclectic tastes are adequately available: Sirs Steven Runciman and Terry Pratchet, notes from the semi-Wooly Expedition to Ur, compendiae of cuneiform tablets I work on translating, since no-one else has the time, studies of foraminifera, my version of the library at Alexandria. I trot like a cuy in a wheel (add Quechua to the list of interests) to boost this pod section spinning enough to give me a a low-grav , and I exercise, usually caroming off walls trying to catch a stray bead... Tired of lack of communication with another voice, a line of text that isn't old enough to vote.

Oh, well. Time for Oysterband, the Marx Brothers, Silly Sisters, or anything to modulate my solitude, mask the incredible cacaphony in my ears. There's another study item--does low-grav affect the drop-forge foundry, high pitched, medium shrill screeching rackety bundle of noises generated by faulty function of nerves in my ears? My premise would be that exposure to more radiation out here would cause more damage independent of a priori causes. I've never been to a rock concert, had to start medications for a faulty diagnosis when I was 8, why are there SO MANY DIFFERENT NOISES?!? I thought deafness meant silence, but if this is what Beethoven was working through, no wonder he got quite cross.

[Sep 16 2010, last modified Sep 17 2010]


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