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[Dec 23 2003, last modified Jan 16 2006]
(+3, -2) Automatic Sun Visor
(+1) Bottom "Spillway" Dam
(+3, -1) creditaxi
(+3, -7) Deer Cull Truck
(+7, -2) Engine Heat Saver
 Fume extractor for machine gun to aid cooling
(+2) Heat Activated Stink
(+15, -5)(+15, -5) Hide Offshore Wind Farm
(+7, -2) Motorcycle Reverse Roller
(+4, -1) New New Orleans Harbor
(+15, -5)(+15, -5) NIMBY to PIMBY
(+1) OSHA Tariff
(+14, -3)(+14, -3) Place gas in orbit to deorbit space trash
(+2, -1) Positive Lubrication System
(+13, -3)(+13, -3) Problem Customer Checkout
 Rain Powered Mobile
(+7, -1) School for Mousers
(+4) Smellout
(+5, -1) Stealth Satellite Dish
(+1) Sweet Onion Dessert
(+5) Touchy-Feely Lock Key
(+3, -1) Velcro on sock toe
(+1) Visor For Sun Off Hood Dazzle

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