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You heard it here first.

OK, maybe not.

[Dec 26 2004]

(-4) bugger zapper
(+10)(+10) Chocolat automatique
(+2, -1) ClusterPals
(+1, -3) Deadman's Switch Lock
(+2) Digital Heraldry
(+2, -6) DIY Lottery
(+20, -4)(+20, -4) eCovet
(+4) Hackle-lowering Cream
(+20, -3)(+20, -3) Hagiometry, or the quantification of saints
(+4, -1) Jockies Awards
(+1) Margin-based real estate commission
(+8, -1) Paint Bomb
(+4) Pseudopods
(+13)(+13) Roll o' Pizza
(+2, -1) Tantrum Monitor
(+14, -1)(+14, -1) Trompe l'oeil hole in floor or sidewalk
(+2) Vacuum cleaner safety release
(+4, -2) Virtual Swear Jar

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