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I'm a guy who wants to build a dream, and after many years of trying, have decided to release my base idea to the world. The problem with ideas like this is that they have the potential to cause more distress than benefits. For example, the Fossil Free Energy idea, which allows for enhanced vehicle performances would, besides the obviouse Petro associations, allow the advent of personal air and sea transport to proliferate and therfore create huge border controll problems the world over. It would render obsolete all wind and hydro generators, geothermal, nuclear and so on and cause huge geopolitical economic instabilities that would equate to a natural disaster IF suddenly thrust into the world. It would also cause copper to sky rocket in prices as well as existing generators and so cancel any gains to the service of mankind. Such ideas need to be gradually introduced at their most basic level and be suseptible to market wear and tear, in other words, their benefis must not outstrip what is currently taken for granted. So, beware what you invent for it may mean the end of the world.

[Jan 01 2005, last modified Jan 02 2005]
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