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Stopped visiting sometime before the great crash

A DJ was squatting in this account for a while

Now back again and ready to make prodigal with my random thoughts

[Oct 04 2004, last modified Jun 30 2012]

(+3) Australoid
(+10, -2)(+10, -2) Baker's Half-Dozen 2012-05-18
(+15, -2)(+15, -2) Baker's Half-Dozen 2012-05-25
(+10, -2)(+10, -2) Baker's Half-Dozen 2012-06-01
(+2) BBay
(+1) Beggars' Belief
(+2) Blower mouse
(+4, -1) Brain fracking
(+4, -1) Bundy pants
 (c) (c)
(+8)(+8) Cartman's ByLaw
 Cultural consolidation committee
(+1) Drag Racer: Urinal Edition
(+3) Electro-convulsive noise isolation
(+9)(+9) Hadrothon
(-1) HB-CO connector
(+1) HII
(+3) Hunger Bunga-Bunga Games
(+1) Nanny Tivo
(+1) No This Is Not A Summons, Sir
(+3) Olde worlde milke flagone
 PCM 2
(+9)(+9) Pinworm Containment Mechanism
 Reddit? Fuhgeddit
(+1, -3) Small Minded
(+3) Spongedyke Sparetanks
(+2) The Reel Cone of Silence
(+2) Urinalscope
(-2) Waco 500
(+2) Weekly Roundup
(+4) Whistling Toast
(+1) Who Wants To Be The Royal Family?
(+6, -1) Wishwasher
 Zerg Rush Voting

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