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half-siblings   Sometimes ideas are just in the air. And until there's a way of searching for "a site just like the one I'm thinking of," sites will co-evolve, maybe with slightly different spins.

    "New Things" by Lauren Mary Barnett is a lovingly illustrated collection of Lauren's "weird, goofy, and sometimes unsettling" ideas that just came out in Fall 2023 and immediately raced to the top of my "if you like this site, you might like ..." list.

    A reddit forum devoted to sharing ideas in a long, unstructured, vote-ordered list with the usual comment threads.

    Martin Wilson and Richard Bruce of Brighton-based digital marketing agency Albion.one built the standard broadly optimistic story-blog based idea list, with user profiles, tags, and votes. But they have big plans for expansion: "Soon, brands can have customers brainstorm new product ideas. Entrepreneurs can find popular business ideas. Visionaries can date-stamp privately published ideas and invite specific collaborators. And with the IdeaMill app anybody can sketch pictures, record music or use a dictation machine to plant ideas." Not to mention their plan to sell pay-for-placement karma and ads.

    I'd previously written that Ben Kaufman's '09 startup "does a great job mixing marketing, crowdsourcing, and greed". Alas, it wasn't good enough--they went through bankruptcy in 2017. The home automation part has been sold off to Flextronics, and the crowdsourcing part has been, erm, reinvented under new CEO Gina Waldhorn, who in 2019 herself moved on to Sports marketing research company COO.

The obnoxious timers are gone; there's a formal process for sharing the (sparse) royalties an inventor might get from the separate licensing process with "influencers" who help improve the invention in advance to it being picked up.

    STUPID SHIT NO ONE NEEDS & TERRIBLE IDEAS HACKATHON organized by Sam Lavigne and Amelia Winger-Bearskin back in 2013, and updated in 2017. The contributors are artists; all the ideas are illustrated (and sometimes built). Delightful.

    Definitely far, far cooler than anything here, MSCHF hovers between conceptual art collective and collectible-producer, fully plugged into a scene of "drops" and inevitable unwrap videos of their real-life loot boxes where just being in the know is part of the game. Still, many of these projects would pitch very much like halfbakery ideas.

    A by now well-known and stable crowd-funding site (and one of a number of similiar sites.) Select projects to pledge to from an illustrated list with videos by the project owners; select the amount to pledge; get a gift or some form of participation back.

    High-end bounties posted by companies looking for innovations. The site makes a credible attempt at protecting the intellectual property of the large corporations looking for solutions.

    Matty Benedetto (no relation to the race car driver) pays the bills by using his degree in Business Administration and Marketing to create and market consumer brands for the kind of designer electronics- or travel accessory you'd have seen sold in the SkyMall catalogue. His "Unnecessary Inventions" brand is where he lets off steam and has fun, somewhere between chindogu and a millenial Ron Popeil. (If you want to know more, there's also a youtube channel, instagram, a reddit AMA, among others.)

    Chris Kuan writes: "If shouldexist is the halfbakery's good twin, then surely Chindogu is the slightly demented older brother who's kept in the back room." Too true.

    "For Sale By Mental Patient" spreads out existentialist, beautifully warped wares like "TIME REMOVING SOAP!!", "BARKLESS TOMATO!!!*" or "NAP SACK!!!!".

    Aiming to create a global business-to-business market for technology, this slick startup has scored $20m in funding and charges mostly medium- to large corporations for listing their licensable technology.

    US Collegiate inventors' competition. Since 1991, fully enrolled college or university students have been competing for prize money, alone or in teams of up to three.

    A moderated idea database that supports submissions, searches, and voting for ideas, with banner ads and many cool text effects.

    Charles McCarthy's ideas until 2011 (he seemed to have about one attack per week), peppered with mildly topical soft-core porn and relentless self-promotion.

    A small university spin-off that used to market web software and has no relation to this web site other than by name.

    A food blogger from Alabama, also unrelated to this website other than in spirit. Or stomach.

    Will Eisenberg, a stunningly productive music teacher and horn player in Minnesota, is publishing weekly puzzles here, accompanied by picture of a different deliciously half-baked good each week. Again, unreleated (but I love puzzles and may be spending quite some time there, now that I've run into it by chance).

    The Prior-Art-O-Matic from Kevan Davis.

    Under the subtitle "America's Goofiest Patents", artist and marketing consultant Ted VanCleave comments on illustrations from old and new weird patents.

spinoffs   Halfbakery-related side projects that have sprung up over time.

    When I see halfbakery-esque tweets, I sometimes repost them here.

    Flickr photo group for halfbakers

    Wagster has follwed through with his idea for a "Halfopoly" layout in spite of [_sctld_] posting a very similar idea earlier. Go coevolution! Designs: Board, 50x50cm board at 180 dpi, Board in A4 segments: 1, 2, 3, 4 from wagster, and generic board game assembly instructions for parts 1-4 from our very own Steve DeGroof.

    The Aphorism Game Show, hosted by freerunner.

patents   Sites focusing on intellectual property, patents, and patent searches, both serious and silly.

    US Patent and Trademark Office's searchable patent database.

    European Patent Office, with database search including worldwide patents.

    Browsable and, to a limited degree, searchable documents submitted by companies and gathered from the world at large; full access costs extra.

    Research Disclosure magazine publishes, for a fee, ideas in a way that holds up legally as prior art; patent offices subscribe to this.

friends of
  I have met these people and would post bail for them. They're funny and richly creative and they've been at it for years.

    New York artist, pianist, web person Mark Thomas.

    Mark Jason Dominus' plentiful Universe of Discourse

    Cosma Shalizi, Rennaissance man.

    John Lawler, associate professor of Linguistics at U Michigan.

    Matt Blaze, cryptophotomacrographer.

  These are homepages and blogs of halfbakery users and other inventive people. (Usually, people link to their home page from their profile page, but sometimes it's nice to have them all in one place.) Send e-mail to bakesperson@gmail.com if you belong on this list.

    Patrick Andrews' "Invention of the Day" blog, not to be confused with idea-a-day. Given this impressive collection of halfbaked inventions, he doesn't really need an account here, but we're glad to have him anyway.

    Comic artist Donna Barr (of "Desert Peach" fame) is a halfbakery user. Hey, go back to work!

    (Formerly realityshowpitch.tv.) A site that specializes in bringing writers and buyers of new reality TV shows together.

    Consultancy run by two British technologists who help companies and inventors evaluate and improve ideas.

    Peter Sneekes's lively XSL-ized weblog and homepage.

    An archive of Bernard "blue" DeKoven's games and ideas.

    Dafydd Ll. L. Rees, a Welsh software engineer and halfbakery contributor.

    Elliott C. "Eeyore" Evans, technical writer, inventor.

    A portal that values creativity and attitude; in spite of the "cool" verbiage I'm pleased to have been recommended by it.

    Because some of your finer moments occur somewhere else.

    "Look at more stuff. Think about it harder."

    Charming Irish DJ bloke's weblog.

    sam draws pictures

    Kylie Gusset's weblog, pink and pastel blue.

    ReindeR Rustema, a media consultant and Halfbakery contributor.

    The Annals of Improbable Research, awarders of the prestigious Ig Nobel prize.