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Computer system detects Same Song played twice in a row.

Radio stations promoting the variety of music they play often offer the old "No Repeat Guarantee" where if they play the same song twice within the same day, the first caller to say so wins a prize. My local station just dragged out this old chestnut but with a $20,000 prize for catching them out.

Now I work for a living and certainly don't have the time or inclination to listen to the bloody radio all day, noting what songs are played and checking for duplicates. However, it should be a trifle with modern technology to set a computer to monitor the station all day using a service such as Shazam to perform this task for you. When it finally detects a duplicate song, it automatically and simultaneously rings the radio station and notifies you that such-and-such song has been duplicated. If the radio station answers before you do, the computer plays a pre-recorded copy of your voice saying things like "Oh Wow, I can't believe I got through" and "I'm calling about the contest" "I think you've played the same song twice" and "Oh Wow" again buying you enough time to join the call and take over and collect the winnings.
-- AusCan531, Aug 08 2017

In order to fake out Shazam et al, a local radio station pitch-shifted the usual contest - the first half second or so played, call in and name it to win - without telling anybody, thus screwing over everybody with any sense of pitch.

Doubly betrayed because the DJ was a rock star, himself and should have known better.
-- FlyingToaster, Aug 08 2017

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