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Vehicle: Car: Bumper sticker
Bumper Knobs   (+4)  [vote for, against]
Knobs, baubles and whatnot

Intended to indicate a greater level of "attitude" than your standard ~2d bumper stickers, these quip-printed obnoxities would be enhanced with the addition of useless, albeit tactile and adjustable, mechanical knobs/switches/etc.

Immediately apparent uses include "Bitch mode [On/Off switch]", "Road Rage [1-10 knob]", and so on.
-- absterge, Dec 01 2004

fake rubber ass http://www.halfbake...Fake_20rubber_20ass
[Ling, Dec 01 2004]

Silly. (+)

Yo, [ab]! Whaddup?
-- half, Dec 01 2004

Why not just have more obnoxious sticker that goes up to 10?

-Yeah, but, this one, see? It goes up to 11! If I'm at 10, and i want a bit more obnoxious -- there it is! 11! Brilliant.

-- not_only_but_also, Dec 01 2004

How about a fake rubber ass?
-- Ling, Dec 01 2004

Actually, the fake rubber testicles already exist, and tend to hang their not-so-subtle innuendos from the rear of huge trucks (compensation has always been why, I say), so as to neatly dangle in the faces of those of us who drive smaller vehicles. I find these both distasteful and marginally amusing, although you won't find me tittering about it in any company but my own. Point is, [Ling], yeah, why not a fake ass? It is the car's rear end after all.

Heya, [1/2]. Good to see ya. Still baking, that's whats up. I just ... can't ... stop ... my brain. Sadly, many recipes never made it here to be binarily immortalized.
-- absterge, Dec 01 2004

I detest automotive adornments, but I can see this idea has a market.
-- Acme, Dec 01 2004

"My other penis is laughably small", adjacent to almost imperceptible protruberance.
-- calum, Dec 01 2004

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