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Product: Inventory System
Chocolate Hider   (+11, -5)  [vote for, against]
You'll thank it one day. Maybe.

When there is chocolate nearby, I eat it. I try to stop myself, but my soul is weak. I fail miserably, wallowing in chocolatey yum.

Enter the chocolate hider. It is a slighly larger than a wine bottle, made of strong steel, with a rubber casing that makes it impervious to pain. Around it are cameras and full-round caterpillar track. It runs on a small motor.

To use it, put your vice inside. It need not be chocolate. Close it. It will not open again unless either told to by a certified doctor (unless you are one) or after a specified amount has passed. You drop it and it immediately scoots off to find somewhere to hide.

If you find it, it will hide somewhere else next time. It contains a microphone and when you shout at it it plays back your voice, at a higher pitch to annoy you.

It probably won't stop you for long, but it should at least improve your skills at breaking things.
-- dbmag9, Apr 17 2006

Chocolate Jesus White_20Chocolate_2...d_20Cherry_20Center
[hippo, Apr 19 2006]

Runs and hides Toy_20that_20Runs_20and_20Hides
Technology application [methinksnot, Apr 19 2006]

Give your chocolate to me - I've got a great place to hide it!
-- DrCurry, Apr 17 2006

When I buy chocolate for someone, I hide it from myself in the trunk of my car. I'm way too lazy to go outside if I get the craving, and most of all, I just usually forget that it's even there.
-- xandram, Apr 18 2006

//I just usually forget that it's even there// - How many old chocolate boxes are lurking in your trunk?
-- wagster, Apr 18 2006

Oh, I am sure it all melts and runs out the bottom to form a puddle on the tarmac.

You don't want to ask me how I know this. Just know that I watch a lot of real life police procedurals on The Learning Channel.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 18 2006

oh you guys are so silly. I'm diabetic and really should not eat chocolate, so I just forget it's there for a little while and then give it to the person I bought it for. anyway, Hi [wagster]! haven't seen you around for a bit......
-- xandram, Apr 18 2006

No, I've been devoting my precious hours to music and photoshop so I'm not around here that much (though it's nice someone noticed). Wonder how long it'll last...
-- wagster, Apr 18 2006

//Wonder how long it'll last...//
I know what you mean - this place is more addictive than the chocolate.
<runs off to consider HB Hider...>

<realises that would require far too much programming, so gives up.>
-- neutrinos_shadow, Apr 19 2006

I understand that Jutta can do a fair job of hiding the hb from you if you give her sufficient cause.
-- half, Apr 19 2006

I keep misreading the title as "Chocolate Hitler".
-- lostdog, Apr 19 2006

Chocolate Haiders might go down well in Austria, at least they wouldn't have to artificially colour the shirts.
-- zen_tom, Apr 19 2006

//Chocolate Hitler// - That would have been *so* much better.
-- wagster, Apr 19 2006

We've done "Chocolate Jesus" (see link).
-- hippo, Apr 19 2006

[lostdog] I,too, kept seeing 'chocolate Hitler' but felt I shouldn't say it. and [wags] I really miss your annos, always made my day, laughing or otherwise, but music is the best thing in the universe! and photoshop is too difficult.(for me anyway)
-- xandram, Apr 19 2006

At great personal cost, the lovely [st3f] developed the technology to make this chocolate hider (which is so evil it really should never be built) hide and even taunt you. "heeere fatty fatty fatty". Linky.
-- methinksnot, Apr 19 2006

Why, thank you. [doffs cap]. [pictures a herd of 'toys that run and hide' hurtling around the living room, each of which contain a single morsel of chocolatey goodness].
-- st3f, Apr 20 2006

[pictures a herd of disembowelled "toys that run and hide" surrounding my dog who is licking his chocolatey chops]
-- wagster, Apr 20 2006

I thought chocolate was bad for dogs.
-- methinksnot, Apr 21 2006

It is but they don't seem to know that.
-- wagster, Apr 21 2006

So, so human.
-- methinksnot, Apr 22 2006

-- wagster, Apr 22 2006

This is suspiciously similar to Toy that Runs and Hides, but I'll let it pass for the microphone addition, which was inspired. Bun.
-- Mr Phase, Apr 22 2006

what a bloody silly idea!
-- po, Apr 22 2006

This is such a complex and dumb idea that I suspect I will soon be seeing it advertised on a paid programming commercial.
-- MauiChuck, Oct 16 2008

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