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a demolition derby without cars

Picture a muddy field. Add a bunch of men running around and into each other, dressed head to toe in protective gear, like knights of old. Except the armor is a soft metal, like aluminum, and the joints are close fitting. Collisions bend the metal, and the joints start to fail. Soon many are hobbling, others have arms frozen in odd positions, still others are on their backs, now unable to get up, or to move at all. The last man standing—he’s the winner.
-- ldischler, Jun 01 2004

Collapsible mace http://www.halfbake...ea/Anti-Rape_20Mace
[DesertFox, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

fight or flight http://www.halfbake...fight_20or_20flight
proud father [etherman, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Presumably if the metal is soft, the suits would offer little protection.
What are they to be hitting each other with?
-- MikeOliver, Jun 01 2004

A soft metal mace, perhaps?

Like my collapsible mace?
-- DesertFox, Jun 01 2004

I don't think the suits are there primarily for protection, Mike. On my reading, the main purpose is to buckle and eventually sieze up in interesting and comical ways. As to what they're hitting each other with - each other?
-- lostdog, Jun 01 2004

You could also throw sea water, in the hope that the joints would rust and seize up.
-- MikeOliver, Jun 01 2004

Could result in Marvinesque walking in circles, +
-- engineer1, Jun 02 2004

Yeah, but he'd have hated this idea...
-- MikeOliver, Jun 02 2004

The better-bakery-spelling-word-of-the-day: seize, as in to seize up.
-- FarmerJohn, Jun 02 2004

Consider it fixed [FJ].
-- MikeOliver, Jun 03 2004

You know, it's funny, my bank had a seizure the other day, too. Of course, now I'm out on the curb...

On-topic, bread for you!
-- shapu, Jun 03 2004

just found this, the bastard child of 'fight or flight.' bun worth beyond words. coochie coochie coo. <link>
-- etherman, Jul 01 2004

:) [+]
-- SpeedDemon, Feb 11 2005

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