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Refrigerators store milk. Cows store milk. Cows have nipples. QED...

What could be better than one refrigerator? Two! But you can't fit two into your kitchen, probably. And you might not want all that extra fridge space all the time. So what *you* need is a fridge with Fridge Nipples.

This type of fridge-freezer has several pairs of teats down its side, like a deformed cow. Each teat is actually a valve (vaguely similar to those on wine boxes). Each valve can be connected, with a short tube, to a chilly bin or other cool bag (also designed with a similar valve or sockety-thing). The cold air from the freezer or fridge will circulate through the tubes*, keeping your chilly bins cool - an easy way to temporarily increase your fridge/freezer space when you need to without buying a whole new refrigerator.

The fridge-freezer is painted in black and white (with pink teats) to make it look like a cow, for the amusement of the easily-amused.

*I guess connecting two tubes would be necessary to allow the air to circulate? Conveniently, nipples come in pairs, so that's no problem.
-- imaginality, Jun 06 2007

Fridge Belly fridge_20belly
Similar idea (probably better in fact, but sadly lacking in teats) [imaginality, Jun 06 2007]

Milk Bar
[nuclear hobo, Jun 07 2007]

Similar in concept to freezer plates, a radiator-finned thingy that beer flows through for a quick chill.
-- normzone, Jun 06 2007

This could create some interesting complexes in children. So a + for that.
-- ldischler, Jun 06 2007

Highly disappointed - thought this had to do with nipple erections.
-- nuclear hobo, Jun 06 2007

Ah, the joys of checking out the traffic at the frozen food aisles in the market.
-- normzone, Jun 06 2007

Constant inspection of seals will need to be maintained to prevent unwanted odors leaking from the dairy air.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 07 2007

I thought this would consist of a fridge with rubber teats from which you could 'milk' various cold liquids stored in containers inside. Chocolate, strawberry and banana milks can all be extractred, plus a teat at the top for baileys or some such other alcohol beverage nicely out of reach of children. If this is that, then that is bunned...
-- theleopard, Jun 07 2007

How is this any different from a fountain beverage dispenser?
-- Jscotty, Jun 07 2007

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