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Chest Cavity Sub (some surgery neccessary)

This is an invention for walkman listeners, to get the effect of listening to pounding base with tiny speakers. The speakers will be in a hygenic pod and will be welded to the inside of the sternum, the tiny pulses will cause a vibration that causes your whole rib-cage to pound. Although it won't actually be loud, it will feel loud and won't disturb fellow commuters.

Also this will enable deaf people to listen to dance music on a walkman.p
-- Trodden, May 07 2003

(???) lydias gonuts
lydias cream filled donuts@lydias [kevo560, Jun 14 2015]

Will it be felt, as in the case of rolling-boom-boxes, by neighbo(u)ring commuters and the like?
-- thumbwax, May 07 2003

Accoustic (de)fibrillation?
-- Don Quixote, May 07 2003

unusual, +1

doesn't gastro mean stomach?
-- po, May 07 2003

I'd have named the idea "Sternaphonic" ("sterna" is a plural of "sternum"), and let people wonder if I was punning "Stereophonic".
-- jurist, May 07 2003

savage beast/breast-a-phonic
-- po, May 07 2003

Came back after I realized the possibilities if it was a gastronomic amplifier...
-- thumbwax, May 07 2003

-- po, May 07 2003

//will be welded to the inside of the sternum// does this mean I can get one fitted at my local garage?
I only wish I had more than one croissant!
-- silverstormer, May 07 2003

"won't disturb fellow commuters...Also this will enable deaf people to listen to dance music on a walkman."

Um, why? If you're on a train, you've got some pretty good bass rumbles going already, without any need for portable gimmicks.
-- DrCurry, May 07 2003

When you go for your annual exam, put a tape/disc in your walkman that plays stethoscope recordings of very obscure maladies to give your physician a cheap thrill.
-- krelnik, May 07 2003

"pounding base"

Thought this was some kind of drugs reference.
-- -alx, May 07 2003

Regarding the name, it's close enough and I liked the ring of gastrophonic, it rolls out nicely.

This device will quite possibly lead to digestive problems through increased peristalsis ie: insufficient time for the stomach to absorb the nutrients, could be used as a form of weight loss. Additionally it may be marketed as an ab-erciser when played at Max Volume.
-- Trodden, May 08 2003

//may be marketed as an ab-erciser when played at Max Volume.// I doubt it - I'm very subdued.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 14 2015

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