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Product: Labeling
Graduated Transparent Tape   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Metric or Imperial -- tape or cellophane with linear or isometric markings.

I mean, wrapping packages is hell on Earth already. Then you can't find a blessed measuring guide for the task!!!!

Should 3M or some thin film consortium desire to have their sticky little products come marked with 2.54 cm spaced spider lines, I'd buy a roll or two.

Actually placing cm wide markings on the edges of common household items would serve nicely, also. I mean, the fingernail side of gloves -- whether you're cutting celery or estimating a meniscal curve, adhesive tape is nearly always closer at hand than a ruler.
-- reensure, Nov 22 2000

Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape
[jutta, Nov 22 2000]

12" Evidence Ruler Tape http://www.evidentc...ta/photo/photo.html
(Scroll down a bit.) Interestingly, one area of application is photographing crime scenes. (Not transparent, though.) [jutta, Nov 22 2000]

domestic measuring tape
same thing, only 6 years later [neilp, May 04 2006]

(Why do you need a ruler when wrapping packages?)
-- hello_c, Nov 22 2000

Begging the question about measuring packages, but measuring guides are printed on butter wrappers as I recall. Anyway, I may be a little obsessive compulsive disordered (OCD) but I like to pace myself and gauge my materials as I input them (how many sheets left on the tp roll today?) and I face a stream of snap judgments and approximations regularly (2 of 4, 3*2 of 3, 2 of 1) for which I'd like the metric to be convenient.

Thanks, jutta, for your links. Interesting that the garment field would be using this. That makes sense (I was told I'm OCD enough to be a buttonhole maker) due to the eccentric shapes involved and the need to view an article from several angles for the right perspective. Tape like this probably wouldn't be as useful for logical, highly engineered jobs.
-- reensure, Nov 22 2000

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