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Every wannabe blackmailers life-line.

This website will release certain facts upon your demise, for a nominal fee(perhaps), you can have interesting facts made public or send particularly devastating information to an individual. Might make for some interesting funerals.
-- Trodden, Dec 02 2002

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Interesting. The downside is that you wouldn't be around to see the impact of your revelations.
-- hippo, Dec 02 2002

Man I would hate to have the responsibility of doing computer security for that web site. Talk about a juicy target for hackers!
-- krelnik, Dec 02 2002

What triggers it ? "Misfires" could be embarrasing, or possibly fatal .....
-- 8th of 7, Dec 02 2002

You could arrange something on your own site so that, after a certain date (fairly soon - say, next week) it re-directs to your "I am now dead" page. Some time before next week, you edit the re-direct page with the following week's date. (Assuming you're still alive, that is.)
-- angel, Dec 02 2002

Eerie yet interesting.

This idea has more odd potential. This web service could be used as a clearing house, matching a future deceased snitches' confession to an individual seeking closure, having offered a lump sum payment to the future deceased's survivors. Think of it as a "futures" brokerage. The service provider would take a bigger cut if and when contracts see completion, hold payments in escrow, etc... Snitches confessions' would be encrypted and handled as if anonymous. Possible scenarios: The fate of Jimmy Hoffa and Whooooooooo's Deeeeeep Throat.
-- hollajam, Dec 02 2002

I can just picture Osama Bin Laden with his heart rate connected to some sort of nuclear bomb. As soon as he pops his clogs, oblivion ensues. Probably best to keep this service away from the terrorists/gossip columnists.
-- Parvenu, Dec 02 2002

There's a program that does this sort of thing already. Baked.
-- Eugene, Dec 02 2002

Might be talking about digital safe deposit boxes but that's really not the same thing.
-- bristolz, Dec 02 2002

A lot of it would be, I love you man, like in that movie Almost Famous. Which would encourage people to step up and say it already! Emo output. Upside all round. Qualidad rosso!
-- Admiral Hackbar, Dec 03 2002

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