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Product: Helmet
Mohawk helmet   (+6, -3)  [vote for, against]

A while ago I saw on tv a dirt biker with a fake mohawk attached to his helmit. Later in the show, the biker took off the helmet, to my surprise, he had a mohawk-- only it was compressed...

To me this seems as logical as wearing two pairs of shoes.

Why not design a helmet for off road biking that allows your hair to fit through the helmit?

Shouldn't be too much of a problem, many off-road helmets already have gaps between the foam like substance that absorbs impact-- all we need to do cut out a little plastic.

I think that after a little bit of experimentation, we will find a helmet that will not break in half ect. to any greater extent with some of the outer shell missing in these places.

Speeds aren't great enough to blow hair over if correct gel is used.

Another important point is that the foam like material is carefully placed as to reduce pressure points, so that must also be taken into account.

Haven't found any existing mohawk helmets. Sun hat version coming soon.
-- danman, Jul 03 2009

I love the title.
-- blissmiss, Jul 03 2009

It's possible to get HD "Brain cap" helmets that are street-legal, and do confer a useful amount of protection.

Quite why this is necessary has not been determined, as the type of individual which affects this headgear generally has little or nothing for the helmet to actually protect.

Perversely, the "Stahlhelm" (German WW2 helmet) style design is actually very good at protecting the cranium and its contents (if any).
-- 8th of 7, Jul 03 2009

I refer to those riders as "beanie babies". Remember the rule of thumb - only wear as much helmet as your head is important. Or, in other words, full face.

Oh, and [21], I have gotten laid with bugs in my hair. And once with pine sap in my hair (prehelmet days, scary crash that I rode away from, used up a lot of luck points that day).
-- normzone, Jul 03 2009

I do not know about the requirements for motorcycle helmets , but bike helmets are required to undergo testing that includes a spike being sprung on it - the ventilation holes must be small/crooked enough to deny entrance. I do not believe a Mohawk (in German interestingly called Irokese) to fit through a slot that would be small enough.
-- loonquawl, Jul 06 2009

Loonquawl, I did not know about that test, but it has given me another idea.

What if, inside the helmet, we have our foam in a upturned v shape? This allows your short Irokese to be kept in shape and only a small part of it to stick through helmet. It would also make it easier to put helmet on as will channel hair through.

21, in the first place, what are the chances of getting laid with a mohawk? The idea was more aimed at lower speed 125cc off road bikes, so I think that the speeds should not be that much of a problem. I have driven a scooter with no helmet and my gelled hair didn't take too much of a beating. Yes the structural integrity would be a problem //but after a little bit of experimentation, we will find a helmet that will not break in half ect. to any greater extent with some of the outer shell missing in these places.//
-- danman, Jul 06 2009

Did very high speed dismount about 10 years ago followed by face-down tarmac-surfing. Seriously good full face helmet was *almost* entirely worn through. Lifewise entire front of cordura jacket. Likewise patellas (only wearing jeans that day)

I can hide the knees. Your chin's a bit more obvious. Just a suggestion ...
-- kindachewy, Jul 06 2009

//I'd also like to meet a guy who can get laid with spattered bugs in his hair. That takes some game.//

Find the right woman: Bugs in the beard, grease stained fingers and a faint smell of EP90 work wonders.

If we are to accept that this is not a serious proposition and as such not to be tempered by safety issues; perhaps the halmet could have a transparent mohawk shaped housing added. The wearer could show off his or her carefully coiffured hair and protect it from the weather.
-- Twizz, Jul 06 2009

//transparent mohawk shaped housing added// Awesome idea Twizz.
-- danman, Jul 06 2009

21, you got two hairs up there.
-- daseva, Jul 06 2009

This idea is somewhat akin to the solution of chaps for the problem of wearing pants.
-- bungston, Jul 06 2009

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