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For people without high-speed internet.

I have an iPod. From owning it since Christmas, I've found that I can't download any of my favourite music as my internet connection is way too slow. What I can't understand is why the people who run the music stores not create some form of doowhacky that you can put your iPod into at the store, download whatever music you want, at the same speed as a high-speed internet music stores. I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't be that hard to implement into your average HMV.

Payment could either be coke-machine style, or you pay at the counter.
-- froglet, Apr 09 2005

7-Eleven to try out downloadable music
Download music to CD or Portable players at the 7-Eleven... Maybe. [photojunkie, Apr 09 2005]

mp3 dispenser MP3_20Dispenser
get your mp3s here. [jaksplat, Apr 11 2005]

How can I vote against this? [+]
-- Chrontius, Apr 10 2005

Smart, well worded and functional. The idea shows a genuine problem and a good solution. Creative use of the word doowhacky. My only criticism is that it seems to eliminate the need for a real annotation. [+]
-- hidden truths, Apr 10 2005

how does this idea differ from an 'internet cafe' ? (quite a few let you plug in whatever you like, as the OS gets overwritten on log off).
-- neilp, Apr 11 2005

[neilp] My problem is that the internet cafes in my area don't have iTunes on it.

[hidden truths] Thanks.
-- froglet, Apr 12 2005

Ideally your iPod would allow you to buy music via whatever free wi-fi network you're currently in (a departure lounge at an airport, for example). There should be no need for an intermediate computer.
-- hippo, Nov 02 2006

This just makes so much sense. I guess because the record stores had been so afraid of losing money as it is, nobody ever thought to embrace the technology and to sell the "online" music right in the store.

Even though I utilize my computer for many things, there are indeed days where I would rather not go through the trouble of booting the PC, then logging on to the itunes or napster site and searching for the songs I want. If I can just walk into a record store, hand the cashier a $20 bill and then plug in my unit to a menu driven kiosk, that would be a lot less of a headache. In fact I doubt that I would ever go online to get music again.
-- Jscotty, Nov 02 2006

You could always buy a CD and stick it in your computer to rip, but I'm still going to give this a bun. great idea
-- Dickcheney6, Feb 20 2010

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