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Pedal Powered Slot Machine   (+8, -1)  [vote for, against]
Why pay once when you can pay twice?

Health clubs in Nevada might want these. A slot machine that only works when you pedal in a certain amount of power after you put in your coins. Gambler loses weight, pedal power runs machine, casino operators have lower electric bills. All sorts of 'benefits' will accrue one way or another, yes? A winning pay out might run the machine for x number of pedal's worth more.
-- Steamboat, Jun 08 2016

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Unfortunately, one of the greatest measures of time (in fact the only measure) is exertion. This would severely limit the average house take per individual...bun though.
-- 4whom, Jun 08 2016

This is brilliant [+]
-- piluso, Jun 08 2016

One-armed but two-strong-legged bandits.
-- AusCan531, Jun 08 2016

Well they already have the Eiffel Tower in Lost-Wages Nevada... why not the Tour De Francs?
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 09 2016

The less-seasoned gamblers will need to augment this exercise with liquor and snacks. [+]
-- whatrock, Jun 09 2016

I figure the machine could pay out in cocaine or the occasional jackpot of IV opiods or go whole hog and do the intracranial pleasure simulator.
-- WcW, Jun 09 2016

// Tour De Francs? //

[marked-for- something-or-other]
-- 8th of 7, Jun 09 2016

Perhaps the "wheels" of the fruit machine only spin depending on your pedaling. In the grand ole days of mechanisation, people actually adjusted the force that they applied to the pull lever, actively trying to "win" depending on the last sequence. I used to laugh heartily at this. I even remember some of the older punters not "trusting" the new electronic devices, which at that time still had a lever, and now that you just push a button, well....But hey! It's Vegas! If you are not peddling your wares, you should be wearing your pedals.
-- 4whom, Jun 10 2016

This would work very well at Roulette Acres (q.v.)
-- smendler, Jun 13 2016

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