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Gummy bears that Poop

Conventional Gummy Bears with a small volume of custard injected through using a needle. The colored custard retreats out of this opening when the candy is squeezed or bitten into.
-- jhomrighaus, Jan 07 2007

Review of some gross jelly beans http://candyaddict....ust-the-gross-ones/
[caspian, Jan 08 2007]

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[JesusHChrist, Jan 09 2007]

Bug Candy
[zen_tom, Jan 09 2007]

As [zen_tom] mentioned
[fridge duck, Jan 10 2007]

Pimple Wrap for [Phundog] Pimple_20Wrap
[jhomrighaus, Oct 04 2007]

Land Zits for [phundog] Land_20Zits
[jhomrighaus, Oct 04 2007]

Congrats [jhom]!
You've made it into my list of the all-time most contested ideas! [theleopard, Oct 10 2007]

Disturbing yet intriguing.
-- Trickytracks, Jan 07 2007

Using yellow custard, some of them could vomit, too. +
-- imaginality, Jan 07 2007

.... or both at the same time if there was a double chamber inside +
-- xenzag, Jan 07 2007

is this nice, jason?
-- po, Jan 07 2007

I'm not fit to judge niceness, but I bet you they would sell...
-- jhomrighaus, Jan 07 2007

I beg to differ, dear. I wouldn't eat a jelly baby that just crapped in the packet.
-- po, Jan 07 2007

your not 7 years old.
-- jhomrighaus, Jan 07 2007

This is the reason I stopped coming here, as did so many.

Roast me, but why would anyone encourage childish "poop" ideas?
-- blissmiss, Jan 08 2007

yet here you are.
-- jhomrighaus, Jan 08 2007

Yeah, I have been here for a long time. Have always enjoyed new people posting wonderfully creative ideas. This is not one of them.
-- blissmiss, Jan 08 2007

And your negative attitude is something that is not overly enjoyable either. Others seem to find this idea fun which was the intention. Some of us grownups like to have a little fun once in a while. This idea meets all criteria for half-baked,to quote Webster's dictionary "lacking in judgment, intelligence, or common sense".

I know a year is not as long as your time here but, it and more than 75 ideas posted here(many very well received) would certainly seem to qualify one as more than a "new" person here.
-- jhomrighaus, Jan 08 2007

there are technical details to be attended to.

how does the stuff come out of the anatomically correct area and how do you stop it leaking before being bitten into?
-- po, Jan 08 2007

Presumably comes with tiny little sheets of toilet paper?
-- skinflaps, Jan 08 2007

Phew! - I read the title as a medical symptom rather than a product ("So, what seems to be the problem" - "Well doctor, I'm pooping gummy bears").
-- hippo, Jan 08 2007

Ear wax flavoured jelly beans. Wow. How had I not heard of them before. And vomit flavour and dirt flavour and grass flavour and rotten egg flavour.
-- caspian, Jan 08 2007

This concept would work great for "adult" candy too!
-- Jscotty, Jan 08 2007

I guess my only problem with this is that it would be messy. Kids would be getting the "poo" all over their hands. Then moms and dads would have to wipe them off - more work. I think most parents would stick to the regular gummis so they won't have to deal with the mess.
-- flynn, Jan 09 2007

, Batman!
-- hippo, Jan 09 2007

I remember seeing some little jelly bugs somewhere that had soft, almost liquid interiors - eating them was supposed to give a sensation of popping the insect's outer skin and having its sweet, sticky innards burst out on your tongue. I tried to find a link, but only came across sweets containing real insects.
-- zen_tom, Jan 09 2007

This would be a perfect seasonal treat. Have the custard come out the eyes and ears for holloween. Colors optional, red, or vomit color would be good. +

I have noticed a popularity of custard- included ideas lately? Everybody have a good Christmas?
-- twitch, Jan 09 2007

[zen_tom] i recall these too, i think they were rowntrees or something.. call me fickle but i just don't really enjoy the 'eating crap or vomit' thing.. but i'm sure kids would love it. Maybe ones also containing 'blood' to emphasise the danger of biting the heads off small bears..?
-- deoxyribonucleic, Jan 10 2007

i think this ideo is really good but really rubbish. If goo fly out of the babies who catches it? and if people dont like shit, then why will they eat them?
-- Thomasunde, Jan 11 2007

You understand that they don't taste like poo only look like it. Obviously this would be a novelty candy and fun for adults once and fun for kids until they stop being kids. I am still a little fuzzy on all the negatives. Poo related candy is already in the market place as are liquid filled gummy candy. Why is this novel combination receiving so much ire?
-- jhomrighaus, Jan 11 2007

Has anyone asked you about this; Is the poop brownish? If so, unless you use really dark colored outsides, folks would see the shit inside and not be surprised?

It's comforting to know the shit isn't shitty tasting. Very comforting.

Still not getting a bun outta me though. I'm tight. (And yes, tight assed as well ;-)
-- blissmiss, Jan 11 2007

(carefully avoids oogling bliss's tight ass)

I suppose it could be brown or white or even the same color as the bear. On the other hand how closely do you inspect your gummy bears before you eat them?
-- jhomrighaus, Jan 11 2007

Interesting tidbit from [caspian]'s link:

"[Jelly Belly] said that most of the flavors for these Jelly Beans were 'failed' flavors they had tried before. For example, the vomit flavor was their attempt at creating a Pepperoni Pizza flavor."
-- imaginality, Jan 11 2007

(carefully goes out of his way to admire bliss' tight ass)
What were we talking 'bout?
-- methinksnot, Jan 12 2007

methinksnot, your little blurb on your profile strikes me as very familiar. Too familiar. You are/were someone else here, weren't you????

Sorry to out you like this, but is it true?
-- blissmiss, Jan 12 2007

Where's the bliss, miss?
-- BunsenHoneydew, Jan 12 2007

No outing blissy. I am me and no one else.
-- methinksnot, Jan 13 2007

Bliss sure is suspicous!
-- flynn, Jan 15 2007

The custard would look like lumpy pee unless it was coloured brown. I had bleeding gummy bears that realistically bled when savaged/eaten. Really gory.
-- Shadow Phoenix, Oct 03 2007

Custard-filled? This gives me an idea for "gummy pimples! with realistic pus inside!"
-- phundug, Oct 03 2007

I read "gummy pimples!" way too quick then [phundug] and envisioned custard filled nipples.
-- skinflaps, Oct 04 2007

[phundog] see the link to my pimple wrap and land zits ideas for some other thoughts along those lines. All I can say is great minds think alike!
-- jhomrighaus, Oct 04 2007

So "custard filled nipples" are still available then?
-- skinflaps, Oct 04 2007

// Using yellow custard, some of them could vomit, too. // Grand Slam Gummy Bears
-- marklar, Oct 04 2007

Great idea, but still:

-- HalfBaker, Oct 04 2007

This is some of my best work! I'm not sure what that says about me but it is what it is.
-- jhomrighaus, Oct 04 2007

/ This is the reason I stopped coming here, as did so many. /

Heh! This is why I keep coming back! Woop Poop Wahooo!
-- bungston, Oct 04 2007

[jhomrighaus] no more custard

lets try originality
-- evilpenguin, Oct 04 2007

I poop all over this idea
-- evilpenguin, Oct 04 2007

Really, you would not use custard for something like this, because it is perishable and gummibears are not. The trick would be keeping the moist poo from saturating the firm gummibear. I propose that a grease or an oil might be used: custardlike in this resepct, but not involving eggs or milk.
-- bungston, Oct 04 2007

//I propose that a grease or an oil might be used: custardlike in this resepct, but not involving eggs or milk.//

cadbury egg filling.
-- k_sra, Oct 05 2007

zzzzzz ...

How did this get so many buns?

No offence.
-- nomocrow, Oct 05 2007

Don't be a pooping gummy bear hater, pooping gummy bears need love to!
-- jhomrighaus, Oct 05 2007

//pooping gummy bears need love to!//

need love to ... what? poop?
-- k_sra, Oct 05 2007

I believe I said "..need love to." Not "..need love to.." there is a difference.

Think of it like kittens. They are cute and fuzzy and like to pur, but the also happen to have a habit of pooping(actually I would class it more as an Obsession than a habit but thats just my cats I guess) Does that mean we should not love our kittens????
-- jhomrighaus, Oct 05 2007

[jhom], sp 'too'.
-- theleopard, Oct 05 2007

Reminds me of my daughter. If you mimick the way she says "yogurt," she says, "Not odurt! - O-DURT!"
-- nomocrow, Oct 09 2007

// Does that mean we should not love our kittens? //[jhomrighaus] No, but it does mean that only South Park professors attempt to create cats with more asses.
-- marklar, Oct 10 2007

//Congrats [jhom]! You've made it into my list of the all-time most contested ideas! [theleopard, flag, delete, Oct 10 2007]//

Thanks [theleopard] A dubious and meritorious position to hold with such esteemed company.
-- jhomrighaus, Oct 10 2007

Indeed. And no matter which way you look at it, whichever opinion you hold on the ideas within, that list makes for some entertaining reading.
-- theleopard, Oct 10 2007

How about just an air cavity?
-- M Carter, Jan 06 2008

[M carter] Thats good, Why didn't I think of that! You could mix them in the package, you never know what you might get.
-- jhomrighaus, Jan 06 2008

What a shame, I have dropped of of [theleopard]'s most contested list, I will have to come up with something even more controversial.
-- jhomrighaus, Dec 26 2008

Odd, I forgot about this idea. It strikes me as quite funny this year.

Did my brain go soft and gooey like a gummy bear's poop or did I just lighten up a bit? Hmmm.
-- blissmiss, Dec 26 2008

Perhaps you have grown old enough to appreciate the humor? I am quite surprised to say the least that you of all people have come around to the idea.
-- jhomrighaus, Dec 26 2008

get real every one. this is a winner. OMG.

but what different flavors of scat go with what flavor of gelatin mineral oiled flavord bears?

and the nose hasalot to do with how 'shit' tastes.. along those lines , thew farters could as well contain a mouthful of wanted irresistable flavor. along with the afor mention unreal novelty value ... also stretching it here abit... pee. N vomit!

and OMG buggers! gummy ina gummy snots.

this is an ideal idea to ripe to not capitalize on!

( mentration or other sds goo of sorts should only be distributed into the nightclub venues..e.g adult)

ps someone beat me to that vomit idea. I now see..
-- Sir_Misspeller, Dec 26 2008

Odd that you've dropped off the list [jhom]. Either 2 people have changed their minds and voted again, or two folks have deleted their accounts taking their anti-votes with them, or indeed a combination thereof.

//some of them could vomit, too.// ... or both at the same time if there was a double chamber inside//

[xenzag], my friend's got a virus that has been making him do that this Christmas. Not a pretty sight, - so he tells me - and difficult to prioritise which way to face when in the bathroom.
-- theleopard, Dec 26 2008

whats the catchy viral-slogan meta name of this ( presumably happy to spread the lovs, by some means of some unlucky exsposure )(i feel all itchy and like ill wash my face. or just rub it clean. before having a great imaginative i'm susspending disbielief, biting your friend in two. a yummy double barrel gummy. (in his honor I' try squishin nearly at gummy upper. so the minds eye scene of that ill posted, last ' brb' , cost those ohh so close, few yard\meters. the vomit can projectile into my mouth . while, the anal liquid or undigested stuff only drips down gummy legs( should be the green one with a red ass maybe) (the memories are enough to buy a twin pak) )

is he competent to enter a spokesweatymoanheaveblow, persons corporate deal?. e.g the face ect. of this? this is here to stay. a staple treat.'

clever media magnetism. is a good idea. even this has it up-the-ass. ( out the...? )thats a given! but marketing is actually apart of this. this convection ovens' prized reward! Hmmmm to be freelance baked. or in house?

travel sized and some silly maze board game printed on a Happy Meal Box.


hope your friend is ok. my mom did this a couple times back2back. and then was to ill to call 911. , her blood was dammed, plaque running amuck? anyway she was just to embarrassed actually called me instead.. i told 'em break the door if its locked. just fallow your nose it always knows.she and I, we laugh now. but i feel that i enjoy the joke more than she.

although no matter her affection for all brands of gummy. she would not publicly eat any.
-- Sir_Misspeller, Dec 26 2008

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