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Power Screwdriver with different gears   (-1)  [vote for, against]
1-10,000 RPM for driving screws.

When you put a screw into a piece of electronic equipment, the screw goes in easily. Therefore set the power screwdriver into high gear and you will get a screw in in less than a seconds.

When driving screws into wood, you can set the screwdriver to 78 rpm then when the screw gets tight, flip a lever and finish at 1 rpm.
-- Amishman35, Jul 23 2002

So much for the slow screws, Dremel goes from 5,000 to 30,000 for the quickies.
-- thumbwax, Jul 23 2002

Dremel tool does not function well for driving screws- this has been tested. Necessity is the mother of all..fuck it, I was baked.
-- Mr Burns, Jul 24 2002

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