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Culture: Television: Courtroom
Scofflaw   (+1, -1)  [vote for, against]
Enact violations of stupid antiquated laws, for entertainment

Real[i]ty TV could enjoin viewers to vote their consciences and banish antiquated laws from the books.

Supreme Courts would probably have to rule on the constitutionality of 'majority rule' when delisting laws from the codebooks, but that is one small hurdle for society; one giant leap for libertarians[.]

[*] Thanks…AfroAssault
-- reensure, Aug 31 2001

What's realty tv? Is that where they try to sell you houses?

[*]You're welcome.
-- AfroAssault, Aug 31 2001, last modified Sep 04 2001

The Sunday Show (on UK TV a few years ago) had a slot like this, called "Breaking The Law". They'd break some centuries-old law, or sometimes exercise some centuries-old legal right - such as pissing on the back right (or was it left?) wheel of a vehicle.
-- -alx, Sep 01 2001

A friend of mine has the legal right to graze his sheep on the main runway of his local airport. London cab-drivers are obliged to carry a bale of hay in their cabs, and can refuse to comply with instructions from police officers on the grounds that it would be 'injurious to the welfare of the horse'.
-- angel, Sep 03 2001

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