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Choose foot and leg size separately

Some women have small feet and large calves. Some women have big feet and slender calves. A few might even have one calf different to the other due to injury or weirdness.

This discrepancy between foot and calf size makes it hard for them to find knee-high boots that fit both their feet and their legs (or 'both both their feet and both their legs' if you prefer).

Let's make some knee-high boots with zippers around the ankle, allowing women to choose the shaft width and the shoe size separately.

Millions of women will be joyful at their newfound ability to find new boots that fit.

(A search found a few knee-high boots available with detachable shafts (for example see linky) but I haven't seen one that lets you mix and match shoe size and calf size.)
-- imaginality, Oct 04 2007

Detachable shafts
Like this, but with the zip closer to the ankle, and with various width shafts available [imaginality, Oct 04 2007]

Another version of this Ladies_20Drop-Trou_20Boots
[normzone, Oct 04 2007]

My ex had this exact problem. She found a pair of boots she really liked bit looked silly with them flapping around her skinny calves (not thighs, what kind of boots do you wear?).

What I thought of was that the seam at the back would not be sealed. One side would be trimmed to the correct size and the other side would have 2 uber-sticky tabs which are activated when the backing is removed and they are rubbed together (like Aroldite(sp?)).
-- marklar, Oct 04 2007

//(not thighs, what kind of boots do you wear?)// Edited, thanks. Can't believe I didn't spot that. I guess I got distracted by my 'one thigh fits all' pun.
-- imaginality, Oct 04 2007

//Aroldite// That would be the tallness of a male cockney.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 04 2007

//(not thighs, what kind of boots do you wear?)//

Kinky ones.
-- Abusementpark, Oct 06 2007

Wasn't that supposed to be po's anno, [Abusementpark]?
-- Canuck, Oct 06 2007

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