Product: Smoke Alarm
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Many appliances have clocks, why not smoke alarms?

Smoke alarms have fallen to the $15-$25** range and would probably be cheaper purchased in bulk, sans packaging*.

Why not offer lines of appliances with smoke alarms built-in like the ubiquitous digital clock? Loss-of-power scenarios could be accommodated with batteries (rechargeable or otherwise), or supplemented with traditional, battery-operated smoke alarms.

{*In fact, they'll probably never retail for less than about $12 even if they could because most people simply wouldn't buy/trust a $2 smoke alarm.)
(**All costs made-up in U.S. dollars}
-- phoenix, Jun 07 2003

$5.93 Smoke Alarm http://www.homedepo...smoke%20alarm&DRC=4
But would [phoenix] trust it? [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]

$5.93 Smoke Alarm http://www.homedepo...moke%20alarm&drc=4/
But would [phoenix] trust it? [Cedar Park, Oct 21 2004]

how did this neat little idea pass me by? they could be incorporated into pictures and ornaments and what passes for a half a dozen paperbacks on the bookcase.

I think the battery problem would be overcome by having separate battery compartments. the alarm battery needs to be more powerful that the clock one anyway.
-- po, Jun 09 2003

I'm getting ear plugs, especially for when making toast!
-- silverstormer, Jun 09 2003

Smoke alarm barbecue, smoke alarm toaster, smoke alarm ash tray...maybe not.
-- DrCurry, Jun 09 2003

(neighbor sighs and grabs earplugs) "Sounds like [silverstormer]'s cooking again."
-- Worldgineer, Jun 09 2003

[silverstormer] grabs neighbours wife, "Don't worry, he has his ear plugs in again"...
-- silverstormer, Jun 09 2003

That's alot of Americium going around.
-- sartep, Jun 09 2003

The voices in my head are saying "beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep"- what's happening to me?
-- git, Jun 10 2003

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