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The 'pan' you wash your pots and pans in

A steel kitchen sink that has been beaten and tuned like a steel drum so that when not being used for it's usual function, it becomes a musical instrument.
-- oneoffdave, Jun 10 2014

Stomp on sinks. http://www.youtube....watch?v=EULpbJQLzSg
[bungston, Jun 10 2014]

Delta TV commercial - this is one - but not the one I want. http://www.youtube....watch?v=mjFj1df5VNc
[xandram, Jun 10 2014]

Why stop at the kitchen? Steel_20Drum_20Urinals
[RayfordSteele, Jun 11 2014]

Excellent. (Also - this reminds me that there used to be a busker on the Portobello Road in London who played very impressive renditions of Mozart Piano Sonatas on the steel drum)
-- hippo, Jun 10 2014

Hey there, you came back a winner. Yes. I would love to do dishes this way. I would fight my husband for the chance to do them. Welcome back Maestro.
-- blissmiss, Jun 10 2014

The group Stomp has a set where they play kitchen sinks. I do not think they are particularly tuned. Linked video has the sinks come in at about 1:40.
-- bungston, Jun 10 2014

Sorry, but the day this was posted I saw a commercial on TV with an extremely similar idea. I will look for a link, but can't remember the product name!
-- xandram, Jun 10 2014

Thanks, it's good to be back
-- oneoffdave, Jun 11 2014

Will there be an automatic dishwasher version ?
-- 8th of 7, Jun 11 2014

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