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For any sunny day

Sometimes the sun is near where the traffic light is, making it hard to see the light or even glance in that general direction.

I propose a back board to be hung behind the traffic lights to blot out the sun in the general area and also allow for any traffic light to be more of a contrast to its sunlit background.
-- sartep, Jun 19 2005

http://www.bigfoto....otos2/red_light.jpg [contracts, Jun 20 2005]

I read the title and thought "A town with no traffic?".

Q: What do you get when you cross gas lines and the San Andreas fault?
-- reensure, Jun 19 2005

I've seen this exact thing at a south-west facing intersection near where I used to live in Pennsylvania. It wasn't so much hung behind - the lights were mounted flush into it.
-- waugsqueke, Jun 19 2005

//Q: What do you get when you cross gas lines and the San Andreas fault?//

Well, if you add a match and there's an earthquake:

-- froglet, Jun 19 2005

Fully baked. I've seen them in Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. The Florida ones have louvers to let winds through so they don't get blown about so much. Why would they need that?
-- elhigh, Jun 20 2005

How about a "Traffic Light Back Board" remedial program for city engineers that need help learning about some of the great ideas. It could include multi-cultural training; i.e. teaching them how to set the HalfBakery as a favorite in their browser so they could view some of the ideas proposed by road warriors from across the globe.
-- Salted Nuts, Jan 19 2007

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