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Tunnel of Mirrors   (+9)  [vote for, against]
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the thinnest, largest, waviest, tallest, weirdest of them all?

Bloody miserable most times hanging around on the underground platforms staring at the huge advertising media plastered all over the opposite tunnel wall whilst waiting for the next over stuffed train to arrive.


Attach large carnival mirrors intermediately along the walls and subways, liven it up a bit down there, enjoy the distorted figures.Comes in industrial rolls and is flexible, unbreakable and cleanable.

However, mind the gap.
-- skinflaps, Jan 19 2006

Carnival mirror http://www.mirrorpr...age.mirror?id=17390
[skinflaps, Jan 19 2006]

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//Where would it all end? Friendship?// No, the AIF take care of that. [dbmag9, Jan 19 2006]

would it make sinister backpacks less obvious?
-- po, Jan 19 2006

Or sinister butts? (Do I look big in this?)
-- DrCurry, Jan 19 2006

Hmmmm, but one of the keys to successful underground travel is studiously avoiding eye-contact with one's fellow travellers.

I worry that this eye-dia would result in regular and sometimes anatomically improbable eye-contact which could have disastrous consequences, such as the first nervous twitches of a smile, or, heaven forfend, the striking up of a conversation.
-- salachair, Jan 19 2006

//the striking up of a conversation.//

It makes me {{{shudder}}} to think.

"Oi!, look at the size of that"
-- skinflaps, Jan 19 2006

Precisely. Where would it all end? Friendship?

It doesn't bear thinking about.
-- salachair, Jan 19 2006

well, that's the long and the short of it. + "Do these croissants look really big?"
-- xandram, Jan 19 2006

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