HBGC: e- p++ s+ g- B+ A+ n G+ r++ E+ C++ a t+ x- - this is THE cutest child, ever, in the history of the universe, EVER. Just looking at that picture makes me happy. Look how cute she is! And she's tickling snowdrops, for Pete's sake! Aaaaaah!


Ambling: no.


Sound advice when deciding on the reliability of sources for that Vital Project:

Pliny’s account of A Big Fire, being contemporaneous, might possibly be more reliable than Dietmar Hamann’s account, written while sidelined from first-team action on account of a troublesome groin. Although one should not underestimate Didi’s grasp of All Things Historickal.


[Aug 07 2001, last modified Dec 12 2012]

Crazy Glazing (+4, -2)
RDS Icey Alerts (+8, -1)

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