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Fool Mommy into thinking you brush your teeth

Tired of wasting toothpaste, time, and energy brushing your teeth? Now you can convince your mommy you've been brushing without actually doing so! The "Used" toothbrush pack contains several of the "same" toothbrush, each showing a different level of use. Also contains a misleading usage indicator (i.e. the blue strip in the middle of some brushes that wears down over time). If not living at home, one-packs of over-used toothbrushes are also for sale.

Available in many popular shapes and sizes for use as a replacement brush.

BONUS: In an emergency (i.e. occasional brushing in front of mommy to ward off suspicion), it can also be used as a toothbrush.
-- aguydude, May 18 2008

I had this idea yesterday, and then today this appears, so... Mommy_27s_20Little_20Helper for the assist... [normzone, May 24 2008]

Parents don't examine toothbrushes for signs of wear. We have other tools at our disposal.
-- phoenix, May 18 2008

I am against anything that increases the odds of my meeting someone with death-breath.

-- (mans)laughter, May 24 2008

Odd - I had an idea today that I was considering posting on this topic. I'm off to do so and will be back to link.
-- normzone, May 24 2008

I used to do all kinds of things to make it look like I brushed - wet the sink, wet the brush, squeeze toothpaste into a tissue and throw it out in a different wastebasket. I wish I could have bought this as a kid.
-- phundug, May 24 2008

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