Fashion: Suit
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put more zoot in your suit

A business suit with inflatable sectioning and cuff-button controls. Useful in its many applications:

Bragging: (phhhht) "Hey... check out this bicep."

Mitigating clumsiness (eg, tripping on stairs): "Whoa..." (phhhht) "Hey, that's GOOD cushioning."

Impressing at corporate functions: Stepping from yacht into ocean (phhhht) "No I'm fine... pass me another Mai Tai."

After work: (phhhht) "How _you_ doing."
-- Nontaigne, Oct 08 2004

When Inflato-Suits Have Wardrobe Malfunctions...
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I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking this... (phhhht) "No, that wasn' was my suit!"
-- david_scothern, Oct 08 2004

Freeze to death in style!
-- harderthanjesus, Oct 08 2004

Didn't Inspector Gadget bake this?
-- vigilante, Oct 10 2004

I think if you did have one of these on the Titanic, you might have retained more body heat with a layer of air between you and the cold water, thus enabling your heart to go on 'til the life boats came back.

Then you and your new actress girl friend could sell that blue heart jewel, after the wall street crash, and live happily in sunny Hollywood, CA.

-- -wess, Oct 12 2004

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