I just noticed the Inline Illustration feature (been away) WOW. Now I have to learn to draw on the computer. Very cool, nice work bakerperson.

Half Bakery Birthday December 19, 2003. A bad hair day.

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currently in the bean grinder:

3/4 Garuda 1/4 Major Dickason's [peet's coffee]

Flight vs Invisiblity? FLIGHT!

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[Mar 04 2004, last modified Jun 24 2005]

airbag with finger and ping features (0)
Café Pedestrian™ (+2)
Car Thong (0)
Grocery Sniping (+6, -3)
Helical Pizza (+11)
Long Distance Negotiation Agent (0)
Supermarket Checkout Game: "On my list or not?" (+8, -4)
SUV Deflector™ (0)
Varietal Ketchup (+6)
YO!? I'm using the water [light]. (+3)

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