James Newton

Devoted fan of websites that accept feedback from their users to build knowledge bases and archive human experience.

My version is dedicated to engineering secrets http://techref.massmind.org

James Newton is at the mass mind org

Ideas by others to which I wish to link: http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/cheaper_20hybrid

[Jul 31 2002, last modified Sep 05 2008]

Automata popularity writer (+2)
Bagpipe airturbine mobile power (+1)
Cleaning the homeless (+61, -1)
Crossword Tile Picture Puzzle (+5)
I dream of location replacement (+2)
Low Mass Mill (+8, -1)
pinball w/ video jukebox (+1)
Sillicon Implant trackball (+4, -5)
Solar Steam Cooling (+7)
Swamp cooler / humidifier fan attachement (+1)
Swimming with Mickey Mouse toy (+14)
Voice of GOD on the road (+30, -3)

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