I like anime.

Some people dream in color. I dream in big.

food is good.

I know the bible better than anyone you have ever met.

I took a lot of math and science in college because I liked it.

I am thinking about being a blade smith.

Unlike other people I have no problem admitting that I always think I am right. (if you thought you were wrong that would be something you don't actually think) I didn't say I think I am always right, that would be idiotic.

I like tax cuts for the rich, and more importantly I like randomly admitting it.

I follow the rules, so if you see me breaking them you should inform me.

[Jan 15 2007, last modified Feb 09 2007]

Delta Water Floating Farm (+9, -4)
Distributed computing market (-6)
Exported coolness (+4, -4)
Lincoln Logic (+7, -2)
Mercury 2.0 (the planet) (+12, -6)
Moon mirrors. Solar sails powered by bright stars (+3, -7)
Realistic Superhuman Strength (+10, -8)
Save the day for real (+1, -2)

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