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What does Ooolongftangftangbank stand for, anyway?

I strongly suspect I'm not the only halfbaker in Cambridge (UK) so if anyone would like to meet up for a pint, drop me an email.

Blatant self-promotion: We can all say stupid things at times. But have you ever heard someone say something so overwhelmingly, mind-numbingly, face-palmingly stupid that you felt the urge to share it with the whole world? If you have, let us know: http://www.whoinventedfoxes.com/

Some extra notes on some of my ideas:

Random Moth Dispensers for Cash Machines: The first idea I posted, which rapidly shot up to the coveted 2.5 croissant status, putting the lie to any claims that it's impossible for a newbie to post a well received idea.

Personalised Cat: Admittedly a bit trollish, but it was mainly an attempt to post a GM related idea that wasn't ridiculously handwavey and wasn't obviously utter nonsense, at least as far as my amateurish knowledge of the subject goes. Since [MaxwellBuchanan] didn't tell me that I was talking crap, I assume it must have at least some chance of working in practice, though I'm not sure I'd like to see anyone actually try it.

Hajjmanay, Squolf, Vibrella, Shoulder Mounted Periscope: All originally invented in the pub. It'd be interesting to know what proportion of bakery ideas were originally invented in the pub. I imagine it's a sizeable percentage.

Ultimate Bass: I'm of the slightly controversial opinion that there is no lower limit to human sonic frequency perception, given a signal of sufficient amplitude. At the extreme, DC is a steady breeze. (I suppose strictly, given sufficient amplitude, there's no upper limit either, but I don't think this would make for a particularly enjoyable performance.)

[Aug 05 2007, last modified Nov 12 2011]

Amphibious Bicycle (+5)
Anti-Mosquito Trouser Spacers (+2)
Automatically Rotating Fire Seat (+15)
Barfly Metagenomics (+2)
Cambridge Meetup (+6)
Civet Tiger Coffee (+5)
Coconut Oil Wall Insulation (0)
Curly Sparklers (+3, -1)
Dishwasher Feng Shui (+7)
Electret Pool (+3, -1)
Emergency Aircraft Amalgamator (0)
Eyeballs on Stalks (+5)
Feline Flash Mob (+10, -1)
Fishes and Chip (+2)
Flea Powered Spacecraft (+2)
Gas-Tuned Trumpet (+8, -1)
Gold Code Velcro (+3)
Hajjmanay (+15, -3)
Kensington Handcuff (+9, -2)
Kiln Printer (0)
Laser Guided Champagne Corks (+8, -1)
Level Crossing for Salmon (+5)
Magic Lottery Ticket (+1)
Markov Chain Sentience Test (+2, -2)
Metal Detecting Pudding Spoon (+3)
No two snowflakes are alike (+6)
Personal Open Loop Air Conditioner (+1, -1)
Personalised Cat (+8, -8)
Pet Poltergeist (+10, -1)
Random Moth Dispensers for Cash Machines (+55, -1)
Robotic Scanning Burqa Light (+11, -4)
Satanic Gideons (+2)
Segway Security System (+3, -1)
Selective Deleteability (-1)
Self-Winding Power Station (+1)
Shoulder Mounted Periscope (+8)
Smartie Coinstar (+8)
Squolf (+7, -7)
Standardised Teaspoon Sizes (-4)
Ultimate Bass (+3)
Variable Yield Round (+1)
Vibrella (+8)
Weeble Suit for the Elderly (+13, -1)
Whispering Gallery Housing (+4)
Wingtip Transponder (+3, -2)

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