[This account was destroyed in a disk crash in October 2004 and has been partially restored from a cached copy. That's why most of these ideas don't have any croissants or fishbones. Please, feel free to vote on them!] <table type="account page">
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<quote type="historic">I'm me, myself, and nobody else.
-- Barnacle Bill, sailor</quote>

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<quote type="of-the-week" meaning="you wouldn't know unless you were there">Yoshida vot happunsch?</quote>

<paranoia type="reverse">I think someone here is afraid of me.</paranoia>

<serious>Here I am. I'm me. I'm somewhat open-minded, so if you want to make a point, my advice is to present it logically, preferably with lots of evidence, and in a balanced way. Also, if an idea stinks, you don't have to go on and on about it. I'll probably get the point soon enough.

Also, try to avoid this common mistake (don't worry--most of us have done it at some point): not reading the whole idea. I've seen several ideas where the specific concern voiced by someone (in some cases, by many) was already addressed in the idea itself. Please (you can't say I wasn't polite about this), make sure you have read and understand the whole idea before you annotate it. It helps cut the wasted-word count.</serious>
<scandalous>One of my sisters (not the one who thought up Perfume Neutralizer), has an account on this same machine (smileydudette). She inSISted on it.</scandalous>

[Dec 17 2003, last modified Jan 26 2005]

3D Directional Road Signs (0)
Accordion Armpits (0)
Active Shoes (+2)
After-Hours Test Drives (0)
App Hibernate (+2)
'Baker Bluetooth Thinger (+1)
Birdish Flying Suit (+1)
Black Box of Death (+1)
Blue Man Group plus Cirque du Soleil (+2, -1)
Body Skiing (0)
Butt Harness (+1)
Clean Air Pipeline for Smog-filled Cities (0)
Cologne/Perfume Neutralizer (0)
CRAM Form Factor (0)
Crank-A-Punch (+1)
Credit Card Signature Screen Eraser (0)
CRT Degaussing Program (0)
Cut Out the Sharp Edges on Pill Sheets (+1)
Directional Carpet (0)
Discreet Drink Disposal/Storage (+1)
Disorient Express 2: The Ride Deepens (+1)
Disorient Express: The Ride (+1)
Drivers Built Into USB Devices (+4)
Dual-Hybrid Car (-1)
Electric Bicycle (+4)
Everything Status Indicator (0)
Fastback Truck Topper (0)
Fasten Seat Belt Chime (-1)
Flourescent Light (-1)
Fool Proving Grounds (+6)
Fourth Piano Pedal (0)
Gooseneck Scooter Handlebars (0)
Graduated GUIs (-1)
Green Room (+1)
Halfbakery Industrial Average (+5, -2)
Holographic Display (0)
$HOME/.programs (+3, -1)
HumMIDI (+2)
Hydrofoil JetSkis (+1)
Idea Summary ToolTips (+1)
Illusion Bikini (+1)
International Delivery Service (+4)
Jet Engine Nozzle (0)
Limber Bed (0)
Literal Lyrics (0)
MucuSoap (0)
Multimedia Virtual Reality System (0)
Multiple Flush Sound Effects (+3)
No Tissue Indicator (+2)
OS X Window System (0)
Personal Levitation Device (0)
Piezoelectric Buildings (+4, -1)
Purely Optical Night Vision (+1)
Quiet Freight Trains (+1)
Reboot Coma Patients' Brains (+4, -1)
Retroreflective Shopping Carts (0)
Reversible Ventilation (+2)
RockeTag (+1)
SailCar (+1)
SaladBar (+1)
Satellite Radio Headphones (0)
Serious Gas (+1)
Silicone-Based Underwater Breathing System (0)
Super Prosthetics (+1)
Tasty Fortune Cookies (-2)
The Real Lightsabre (+2, -1)
Throwing Pillow (0)
Use Dieseling (or Premature Ignition) to Advantage (-1)
Van de Graaff for Dandruff (0)
Variable-Strength Trash Bag (0)
Waltz Around Corners (+2)
Water Machine Gun (+5)
Zoom Microphone (0)

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