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You do not know me.


Corporate Profiling:

Anthony J. Crowley Executive Vice President, Global Business Development Dr. Crowley has been with OTFRI since October, 1998 and has served as Executive Vice President, Global Business Development since August, 2000 in the Sydney, Australia office. He is responsible for all of Asia/Pacific Rim including China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Dr. Crowley graduated from the University of Cambridge in 1988 with an honours degree in Law. After three years he started practising as a barrister with Lloyd and James, Dr. Crowley obtained his Masters in Temporal Physics at Durham University in 1994. Meanwhile in 1992, using Canadian Venture Capital funding, he founded Unipage's Canadian-based operation in Toronto. As President of Unipage Canada, Dr. Crowley built the operation to four offices and 55 employees. In 1994 he changed employment and left law, to head towards a more science based career working at N.G. University, where he obtained his Phd in Temporal Flux Studies in 1998. After this he moved back to England and joined the Company.



Alternative Profiling:

The name "Anthony" means "Worthy of Praise" or "Flourishing."

True Name: Unknown, although it is written as a "complex, wiggly sigil" and glows red when he writes it.

Assumed Age: Unknown. Young-ish. Young enough to get away with always wearing sunglasses, at least.

True Age: Unknown, but older than the Earth at least, which puts him at more than six thousand years old (according to standardised Usherist cosmology, in which the Earth was created in 4004 BC).

Gender: Male. Sort of. He has the physical appearance of a human male, which would seem to settle the matter... Except that one passage about Aziraphale notes that "angels are sexless unless they really want to make an effort" And since just about everything that the book says about angels applies to demons (originally fallen angels) as well, we can guess that the same applies to Crowley. Since neither Crowley nor Aziraphale ever show any inclination that they want to make any sort of effort, that means that we don't really *know* what's going on beneath the trousers of Aziraphale and Crowley, if anything at all.

Occupation: Demon. More specifically, his job seems to be hanging around on Earth and tempting people to do evil, although he does whatever he can to increase the net amount of evil in the world, whenever opportunity presents itself. Or, as Adam sums it up so succinctly, Crowley's job is "to mess people around"

Place of Residence: Nowhere really, although Crowley does own an awfully stylish flat in London, and spends most of his time messing around with the lives of the British. Thus it would be most accurate to say that his "home" on Earth is London.

Hobbies: Gardening, buying expensive gadgets and technology, driving his black Bentley very very fast. Also thinking too hard about the true nature of the universe. And enjoying life's finer culinary delights in the company of Aziraphale. And drinking... a lot. And sleeping, which he doesn't really need to do, but seems to enjoy nonetheless.

Strengths: Being clever and cunning, being a bastard, being evil. Usually being able to maintain cheerful optimism even in the face of Apocalyptic doom.

Weaknesses: Liking the Earth and humankind a bit too much for a demon... Failing at consistent attempts to commit vehicular homicide... Letting most of his intelligence and cunning go to waste by consistently failing to think very far ahead into the future of most of his deeds.

Personal Relationships: His only friend is Aziraphale, an angel.

Enemies: Demons generally don't trust each other, so I guess that makes just about everyone Below into Crowley's enemy, although he seems to have a particular distaste for Hastur and Ligur, two Dukes of Hell. It doesn't help things when much later in the novel, Crowley kills Ligur and *righteously* pisses off Hastur. Crowley also seems to be terrified of Beezlebub, the Prince of Hell, and of course, of Lucifer himself.

Crowley Up Close

In brief: Once a demon named Crawly who was known as the famous serpent in the Garden of Eden, Anthony Crowley is now (and has been ever since) a human-shaped demon on Earth, who specializes in, well, making life difficult and nasty for human beings. His home base is in London, England. He wears dark sunglasses all the time, and drives a vintage 1926 black Bentley. Well, that's Crowley in a nutshell, at least.

Crowley's image is inextricably intertwined with that of a serpent, especially considering how many other people address him as such. Hastur calls him a "bloody snake," Agnes Nutter writes of him as "the Serpente," and even Aziraphale calls him "you old serpent" at one point. And then there's the additional details of his hissing voice, snake-like eyes, and snakeskin "shoes"

Crowley has adapted so well to life on Earth that, as Ligur puts it, he's practically "gone native." He embraces all current technology, fashion, and fads; he utilises modern technology especially as a source of evil and frustration to use against the humans who invented it. Crowley's speech tends to be filled with slang, and his attitude is usually stylish and cool. And, after living for six thousand years among human beings, Crowley begins to absorb and emulate some particularly human qualities - a tendency towards vanity, for example, or a nasty habit of pondering some unsettling questions about both Heaven, Hell, and the great ineffability of God.

On the surface, Crowley is everything that you would expect a demon to be: mean-spirited, cunning, greedy, selfish, and possessed of a certain insidious intelligence. However, the real Crowley is far more complicated than meets the eye. For one thing, six thousand years of living on Earth has affected Crowley's outlook dramatically - he's fascinated by the world and by human beings, and even grows to - dare I say it - love the world, or at least like it enough so that he doesn't want to see it destroyed. Crowley seems to equally dislike both Heaven and Hell, and doesn't look forward to *either* side winning out over the other after Armageddon. And finally, Crowley does form a genuine friendship with one other being, the angel Aziraphale. Crowley isn't entirely selfish or self-absorbed either; he's even willing to make a hopeless stand against Lucifer himself in order to protect the lives of a handful of humans (and because Aziraphale convinces him that by this point, he had nothing left to lose anyway).

Despite the fact that Crowley disobeys his superiors in Hell and absolutely screws up the Apocalypse, he still survived with his scaly skin intact. Crowley's future is a big glaring question mark, although it does ultimately appear that things have gone reasonably back to normal. Crowley and Aziraphale shared a bottle of victory wine, fed the ducks in St. James Park together, and then did lunch at the Ritz. The End? Just as Heaven and Hell aren't exactly synonymous with Good and Evil, Crowley and Aziraphale themselves are a bit more complicated than they even understand themselves to be.

Crowley, who should by all means be demonic and evil and absolutely despicable, defies expectations and is portrayed as one of the most complicated, sympathetic, and likeable people.


Many phenomena - wars, plagues, sudden audits - have been advanced as evidence for the hidden hand of Satan in the affairs of Man, but whenever students of demonology get together the M25 London orbital motorway is generally agreed to be among the top contenders for Exhibit A. Where they go wrong, of course, is in assuming that the wretched road is evil simply because of the incredible carnage and frustration it engenders every day. In fact, very few people on the face of the planet know that the very shape of the M25 forms the sign odegra in the language of the Black Priesthood of Ancient Mu, and means "Hail the Great Beast, Devourer of Worlds." The thousands of motorists who daily fume their way around its serpentine length have the same effect as water on a prayer wheel, grinding out an endless for of low-grade evil to pollute the metaphysical atmosphere for scores of miles around. It was one of Crowley's better achievements. It had taken years to achieve, and had involved three computer hacks, two break-ins, one minor bribery and, on one wet night when all else had failed, two hours in a squelchy field shifting the markers pegs a few but occultly incredibly significant meters. When Crowley had watched the first thirty-mile-long tailback he'd experienced the lovely warm feeling of a bad job well done. It had earned him a commendation. Crowley was currently doing 110 mph somewhere east of Slough. Nothing about him look paricularly demonic, at least by classical standards. No horns, no wings. Admittedly he was listening to a Best of Queen tape, but no conclusions should be drawn from this because all tapes left in a car for more than a forthnight metamorphose into Best of Queen albums. No particularly demonic thoughts were going through his head. In fact, he was currently wondering vaguely who Moet and Chandon were.


Muraki Kazutaka Muraki is our resident bad-guy type. Officially, he's a doctor, working at a hospital, but he's also a psychic vampire-cum-serial killer, with the ability to drain the energy of people as he kills them. Plus, one of his eyes is mechanical. He very much desires Tsuzuki's powers (and may I say, Tsuzuki himself, in many ways) and is constantly making unnatural deaths happen so Tsuzuki will come to investigate. And he's so scary he even stalks Tsuzuki's nightmares.

Name: Muraki Kazutaka Hair: Silver Eyes: Silver DOB: 12/4 1964 Blood Type: A Birthplace: Tokyo Motto: Lobster catch the red snapper. Otherwise progress human faults. (I didn't translate this very well.) Interests: Antique doll collecting Favorite Color: White Favorite Food: Omelets

Muraki is a doctor in a Tokyo hospital. However he is also a sadistic killer who can drain other people's energy (killing them at the same time) to increase his own power. He is possibly still alive and his interactions with the Shinigami in the past dealt a lot with Tsuzuki whom he continually torments and sexually harasses (no I am not making this up). Muraki killed Hisoka when Hisoka accidently came across one of his killings. Though Hisoka died that night, his death was stretched out for three years. Even after death, Muraki's mark is still on Hisoka and the doctor enjoys pulling the strings of his puppet.

Muraki's grandfather treated Tsuzuki in his hospital when Tsuzuki still lived and Muraki had inherited the data collected on Tsuzuki. Though Muraki displays an... ardent passion for Tsuzuki, he does have a girlfriend (fiancee?) who was his childhood friend.

More of Muraki's past has been revealed where he put the blame of a crime on his father when the real perpetrator was his elder half-brother, possible same father different mothers. Saki, his half-brother, was last seen as a head and spinal column.


Kojiro is often referred to as the second member of Team Rocket. Kojiro would be 17 years old. He has blue hair, emerald green eyes, and allergies. He always holds a rose, a symbol of his romantically sensitive soul. His ultimate goal is to capture Ash's Pikachu, although his secret dream is to become a Pokemon master.

Kojiro (James) loves to eat, and he and Meowth are easily distracted by food. When James starts thinking about food, it's often hard for him to stay focused on Team Rocket's latest plan to capture Pikachu. However, he does often come up with plans that almost work. His idea to capture Pikachu by throwing a fishing net over him was hailed by Jessie as "The greatest invention since Einstein invented the light bulb!" Even though he is part of Team Rocket, who are supposed to be mean, James does have a softer side. "We're bad, not insensitive," he tells Ash, Misty, and Brock in "A Chansey Operation." Also, James, Jessie, and Meowth showed up specially just to cheer for Pikachu in "Electric Shock Showdown." Later, James realized Team Rocket's mistake. "Drat! We wasted this episode cheering the good guys!" James may be smart but he is also very gullible.

James was the only son of a wealthy family. His favorite holiday was Kids' Day, and he looked forward to it all year long. He enjoyed getting off from school, swimming in his family's Olympic-size pool, and eating all the ice-cream sandwiches he could. At a young age, James ran away from home to escape his "friend," and fiancee, Jessiebelle, who tried to tell him what to do all the time. James much preferred to do things his own way. Jessiebelle (Ramika in Japanese) bears a striking resemblance to Jessie but is even more despicable (if that can be imagined, thinks Meowth!). James returned home only to find his parents were dead and he had to marry Jessiebelle to receive his inheritance. Fortunately, his parents weren't actually dead, but unfortunately, he stil had to marry Jessiebelle. Jessie, surprisingly, was delighted by this and urged James to fake the wedding to get the inheritance. James was saved from Jessiebelle's wrath (and Vileplume's Stun Spore) when Ash, Misty, Brock, and Jessie freed his loyal dog Growlithe from the doghouse. Deciding the low life beat the high life, James returned to Team Rocket, leaving Growlithe to protect his parents. James attended Pokemon Technical School, which Jessie was also attending. The two of them studied hard for their exams, sure they'd pass, but spent the night before the test partying as they dreamed of their bright future. The next day, they took the test, and received the lowest grades in the history of Pokemon Tech. James and Jessie also had quite a past in Sunnytown as part of The Bridge Bike Gang, which they joined after flunking out of Pokemon Tech. James was known throughout the gang as Little Jim, who never could part with his training wheels. James later joined Team Rocket, as did Jessie.


Name: Nagisa Kaworu This is Japanese-style, surname first, given name second. Nagisa means "seashore," and Kaworu (at least the closest kanji) means "fragrant" or "sweet-smelling." So, his name basically means "Fragrant Seashore." As for the spelling, yes, it is "Kaworu,"

Also known as: Fifth Children, the 17th Angel, Tabris (Angel of Free Will) Fifth Children: He was the fifth child to be made an Eva pilot, after Rei, Asuka, Shinji and Touji. The 17th Angel: He was the seventeenth, and presumably last, angel. Tabris (Angel of Free Will): Although not used in the episode, this is his "Angel name." The name comes from the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, which were writings written between the times of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible (but not considered sacred by either Jewish or Christian churches). In these writings, an angel named Tabris is mentioned who is the patron angel of free will.

Birthdate: September 13, 2000 (The day of Second Impact) This is supposedly the only piece of personal information about Kaworu that was not destroyed. As it does happen to be the exact date of Second Impact, and because Kaworu turns out to be an Angel, the date may only be symbolic.

Blood pattern: Blue This is the blood pattern of all Angels, and is something that NERV can detect when an Angel approaches. However, Kaworu's blood type was only detected when he activated Eva Unit 02, so it must be something that can only be detected when an Angel uses its powers.

Where did Kaworu come from?

Kaworu was sent and apparently raised by SEELE. He believes that he is working together with them so that he can merge with Adam, as is the desire of all Angels. They have also made clones of him which are later used as the dummy plugs in the Evangelion Production Units.

Kaworu is not the first Angel to be under the control of an organization, as NERV has both Adam and Lilith. It is not clear exactly where SEELE got him from originally. It could be that they found him, or that he was created by them from some mixture of human and Angel DNA. The Red Cross Book, a program sold in theaters when the End of Evangelion was released, speculates that Kaworu may have been an Angel captured by SEELE when he was still an embryo.

Why does Kaworu tell Rei that he and she are "the same?"

There are a number of ways that Kaworu and Rei are the same. The one that Kaworu is probably referring to is that Rei is also at least partially constructed from Angel DNA and are in human form. That's far from the only link that they have with each other, though. They both have also been used by the organizations that have raised them - Kaworu by SEELE, Rei by NERV.

They also both have clones, if they are not clones themselves. At the time that Kaworu meets Rei, it is the third Rei clone. As for Kaworu, it is not clear whether he is a clone or an "original," but he definitely does have clones, as they are later used as the basis of the dummy plugs in the Evangelion production units (shown in Death & Rebirth and End of Evangelion). One other thing that they also have in common is the fact that they both love Shinji, although they definitely feel very different kinds of love for him.

One last, very important similarity between them is that Kaworu contains the soul of Adam and Rei presumably contains the soul of Lilith. This was not presented in the TV episodes or the movies, but was explained in the extended version of episode 24, which is available on the Japanese home video release, and the Red Cross Book, which was a program sold at screenings of the End of Evangelion movie in Japan. According to the extended episode 24, Kaworu contains the "salvaged soul" of Adam inside of him, while Ikari Gendo has Adam's body. In the Red Cross Book, Rei's is described as seemingly being derived from Lilith.

Why did Kaworu let Shinji kill him?

When Kaworu entered Terminal Dogma in NERV headquarters, he expected to find Adam there, as SEELE must have told him would be the case. All Angels have the overwhelming desire (or destiny, as Kaworu puts it) to return to Adam, even if it would mean the destruction of humanity. However, he realized that it was not Adam, but Lilith who was contained in Terminal Dogma.

Since he had no desire to return to Lilith, at this point he decided to sacrifice himself so that Shinji and the rest of humanity could survive. His survival would have meant the destruction of humanity because he would have continued in his quest to rejoin with Adam. To him, he explained, life and death were the same, so it did not really matter whether he lived or died.

It is unclear whether, at this point, he thought that Adam was within NERV headquarters or not, or what his actions would have been if he would have known that Adam was actually nearby. Whatever his knowledge was, at the point that he decided to let Shinji kill him, he was living up to his namesake, Tabris, the angel of free will. He made the choice to go against the "programming" that directed him to try to rejoin with Adam at any cost, and decided that the lives of Shinji and the rest of humanity were worth more than his life.

What's the big deal with Kaworu and Shinji calling each other by their first names when they first meet?

This one's fairly easy. First of all, let's clarify some terminology here. Let's call Kaworu and Shinji their given names (what we would usually call "first names," and Nagisa and Ikari their surnames (what we would usually call "last names.")

When they first meet, Shinji calls Kaworu by his family name, which is pretty usual in Japanese with someone that you don't know very well or at all. Well, Kaworu tells Shinji that he can call him Kaworu, his given name, which causes Shinji to blush and tell Kaworu that he can call him by his given name as well.

Well, calling people by their given names is clearly a more intimate level than calling them by their family names. It is usually reserved for people that you know a little better. However, this forwardness alone was probably not enough to make Shinji blush. Take a look at The Controversy for more thoughts on Shinji's blushing.
















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