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My hope is to gradually post many of the numerous ideas that I've accummulated.

[Nov 09 2011, last modified Nov 12 2011]
(+4, -1) Attach Bacteria Cultures to Packages of Food
(+3) Buddy System Security
(+1, -4) Circumvent the Internet
(+20)(+20)(+20) Colliding Highly Laminar Water Jets for Crop Irrigation
(+3) Combined Energy Storage Methods
(+1) Controllable-Spectrum, Safe Insecticide
(+6) Digital-Analog Hybrid Co-processors
(+1) Energy-Recovering Landing-Softener
(+4) Floating-Disk Clock
(+9)(+9) Fluid-Filled, Robotic, Ocean-Bottom Explorer
(+2) Geographic Location Verification
 Hifi Audio from High-Precision, Lofi Equipment
 "Instant" Factoring Circuit
(+3) Key Exchange using Torrent of Random Bytes
(+2) Locate Mobile Devices more Precisely
 Low-Noise, Digital-Quality, Analog Tape Recording
(+3) Machine-Optimizable Assembler
(+2) Multi-Search Feature for Web Browsers
(+2) One-Way Ant Hill Fence
(-1) Pirate Craft Detector
 Real-Time Anti-Aliasing for Laser Projectors
(+2, -1) Safe, Personal Mosquito Spray
(+2) Satellite View Searching Aide
 Snow Avalanche Prevention using Microwaves
 Species-Specific Diseases
(+3) Store Image Variations as Macros
(+1) Swept-Beam Frequency-Multiplier
(+11, -1)(+11, -1) Take a Photo through a Tree Canopy
(+2) Time-Locked Data Chip
 Tornado Prevention
(+3) Visibility through Muddy Water

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