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Hello! I am a Ruski genuine from Kulputizkrieg, my name Blad Mahrilin. I like for steal insurance from banks and satellite TV so can watch American TV show like South Park and Futurama. I write a lot of funny things. I think I will be comedy writer for TV films and travel to America to get my degree. Putin does not like this plan. If Russian woman found for write something funny they take her shoes and beat her with them. I am divorced but I took his plow and his goat so no worries. I am richest person in village now. On February 18 I am turn official 18 years old, which mean I can buy pornographies in American petrol station. I am an Aquarius and I live and work in satellite monitoring company in Motzekvelpalviak.

[Dec 30 2007, last modified Jan 03 2008]

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