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Cosh i Pi

Engineer, <i>despite</i> having an Engineering degree. Also mathematician (similarly).

British, living in Britain with wife and offspring, but with heart and in-laws in India.

Love travel. See photos at http://coshipi.deviantart.com/ (join deviantART - it's free - and then you can talk to me there too...)

[Apr 10 2007, last modified Apr 18 2007]

(+3, -2) By-product oxygen
 Cylindrical Snooker
(+13, -1)(+13, -1) Inter-city gliders
(+9, -2) Kite/glider combo
(+13)(+13) Layman's Parachute
(+6, -5) LONG Gauss gun
(+3, -1) Parallel steering car
(+10, -8) Very tall tower

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