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Civil Draftsman (but only if the Engineers are polite too). Low-level IT qualified (and if I can do IT, so can you!).

According to Australians I am a Sheep-shagger.

According to my (former) countrymen, I've emigrated to the West Island.

According to Mundanes I'm a obsidian freak and wierdo.

According to other Goths I'm insane and dangerously close to mundane.

I live in the most isolated State Capital in the world.

I'm am nicknamed for the sidekick of the spy-hero Dangermouse (hence the account name)

I read too much! :-)

If you want to contact me, email me (crumbsdm) at iinet.net.au.

My website is the same with the name in the reverse position following a tildé and with three w's before

Fare thee well!

[Oct 02 2002, last modified Oct 03 2002]

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