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10 things which really piss me off: (in no particular order)

1. U.S. Foreign Policy.

2. Over excitable stage managers who make audiences over react on TV shows.

3. Soccer players who fake serious injury every time they're tackled.

4. Inconsiderate people.

5. SUV owners who have no need for an off road vehicle, and have no idea how to drive it safely.

6. Racial intolerance. Actually, discrimination in general.

7. Religion.

8. Tele-marketers, Spam & Junk mail. All the same thing to me. Trying to sell me stuff I don't want or need.

9. Corruption in public office. This should carry the death penalty.

10. The Austarilian athletics team of 4 years ago. Bunch of rude assholes!

[Aug 22 2004, last modified May 02 2005]

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