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Gordon Comstock

Dissolute, fat, balding middle-aged miserable git brit exiled in Geneva*.

I took my nom de l'internet from my favourite literary figure but imagine my delight when I also found out it is the name of a site belonging a religious conspiracy-theory nutcase (see www.gordoncomstock.com). He calls his site the ministry of truth, (so shouldn't he be Winston Smith?) and it is truly wonderous to behold.

Given the site above, it is deliciously ironic that I'm currently helping to fly the black helicopters*.

*No longer. Taken up pipe and slippers in markettown Oxfordshire, dangerously close to two institutions that I understand some of the nutcases on this site regularly visit.

gordon underscore comstock at hotmail dot com

[Dec 21 2000, last modified Mar 16 2022]

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