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[This account was destroyed in a disk crash in October 2004 and has been partially restored from a cached copy. If it is yours, please send e-mail to <bakesperson@halfbakery.com> to reclaim it. ]

You see, my dad's Jewish, and my mom isn't. when I was very young and had a loose grasp on genetics (thanks to Star Trek) I just figured out that I must be half Jewish.

It wasnt until later that people made a point of letting me know that that wasnt the way it worked. But I had come to a conclusion and I intend to stick with it.

What bothers me the most is when people try to tell me i'm not. They say I cant be half jewish. Since when was anybody allowed to tell anybody else what their religion is? That bothers me to no end.

And in case your wondering, because jackasses allways ask, the upper half.


[Jul 26 2003, last modified Jul 22 2003]


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