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I won't probably be posting a whole lot more on the Halfbakery .

I will say this, Having performed a series of private tests here, I find it sad to say the least that even on a site where ideas are the standard, individual thought is met with crushing amounts of peer pressure . Sadly it's the same all over the internet, step out say something unusual, and a little controversial and the following will always happen :

1.At first people will be supportive enthusiastic , or perhaps amazed.

2.One or two people will step out to oppose the concept , and gradually sway the entire group to their way of thinking. They do this through expert implementation of peer pressure.

3.If anyone supported the idea to begin with, their fear of rejection will override their original opinions and they will fall in line.

4. No further posts can be made at this point by the individual responsible for the original poste. This is do to prejudgment, which usually escalates into slander. (this process can be excelerated by the individual poster though the act of he, or she defending their position; Moreover the situation can be aggravated further by centering the defense on the conformist(s) who originated offense against the first individual poster. 

test this for your self , test it anywhere, really it's rather fascinating , and quite constant.

So long, and thanks for your co-operation


[Apr 27 2002, last modified Apr 26 2002]


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