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Joseph Hiddink

Gravity control is so simple, that I (who told the family at age six that I was going to invent that) told my mother on my thelfth birthday, that it was going to be so simple, that a high school student could have invented it. Guess what. The technology was described by Faraday in the 1850's. As a theoretical problem. Unfortunately the learned(?) professors in the years succeeding wrote in the physics books that it only could be done in theory, never in practice. The material to do it existed already in the days of Faraday. I got the problem on my final exam Physics in my (Dutch) High school. Two concentric metal spheres do not touch and form a capacitor C. This one is charged up to a potential V. Then the outside sphere is removed. The remaining sphere is a one-terminal capacitor c. The potential on this sphere is C/c x V. If C = 1 microfarad, and V= 10,000 volts and c = 50 micro-microfarad, we get a potential of 20 million volts. And that is positive all alone, or negative, all alone. Difficult to do with concentric spheres, so I invented a capacitor that can be changed from a one- terminal type to a two-terminal type, gets charged up to 10,000 volts, after which it reverts to a one-terminal type of capacitor. That device is inside these spheres, seen in Flying Saucers. It takes a little bit of capital to build it, but not as much one rocket motor costs for the shuttle. Don't worry, the Nasa Rocket Propulsion Engineers were " Not interested, thank you!". So it probably will be used by another group that is interested in real space flight. We can reach the Moon in one day and Mars inside two weeks. Without the benefit of ostoporosis or barfbags. But who would deny those benefits to Astronauts? Not me. Joseph Hiddink vliegschotel@yahoo.com

[Nov 25 2000, last modified Dec 27 2000]

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