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Older than dirt, younger than rocks.

Basic Bible Believing Rocket Scientist

Only time I hug a tree is while I'm climbing into my tree stand.

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To make sure I get the e-mail please put the bakery or half baked in the subject line, as I delete e-mail I do not recognize.

[Apr 05 2008, last modified Jun 11 2008]

(+5) Elliptical shaped stethoscope
(+5, -32)(+5, -32)(+5, -32) Faux Seatbelt
(+10, -4) Mechanical radar Bamboozler
(+11, -2)(+11, -2) Moth Deflector
(+7, -4) Odorless Bathroom
 Replacement Scale
(+8, -5) Vertical Engine

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