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They say that your peers are the measure of yourself. i will on this page accumulate remarks that have been made to me or my ideas that i think have claim to who i would like to present.

"What on earth are you going on about? krelnik, Feb 19 2005"

" I suspect good intentions, but the delivery is so condescending that it's difficult to sort the signal from the noise. normzone, Feb 18 2005"

" have a goal oriented writing style that allows for "should"s and criticisms in light of how effecient the proposed idea is in meeting pre-defined goals. It's not intended as a preaching-style, rather of the "if you want to get from A to B, X is the quickest route in my opinion" form. u have my apologies. Sp@rkp|ug, Feb 19 2005"

"[sparky] I'm very sorry, but good call. You do realise that it is practically unreadable? gnomethang, Feb 19 2005"

"Unintelligible rubbish. waugsqueke, Feb 19 2005"

"I read too fast to be condescended. Words to me are not like launched arrows on this site. They have rubber suction cups and pull-back strings.

" Newbie? You sound like you're two million years old at this game. Community. Is a community of hillbillies still a community? An engine to change society? It's all downhill from here to a mishap as you duck through a hotel kitchen rear exit. mensmaximus, Feb 20 2005"

"Have any of us considered the possibility that Sparkplug is an algorithm? Sounds awfully like the 1970's attempts at computer-generated literature to me...

Turing test for Sparky! All those in favour say Aye. Basepair, Feb 20 2005"

""Postmodernism's proponents are often criticised for a tendency to indulge in exhausting, verbose stretches of rhetorical gymnastics, which critics feel sound important but are ultimately meaningless. (Some postmodernists may argue that this is precisely the point). calum, from wikepedia, Feb 19,2005"

"Sparkplug, your idea might get a better reception, and will most certainly be read more times and more usefully, if you were to redraft your post in a more concise and less idiosyncratic style. calum, Feb 19 2005"

"I like this talk! Flocking haddocks make flight plan for possible skies! JesusHChrist, Feb 20 2005"

"This kind of propagation, through verbal communication, occurs on the halfbakery and in other places. If others were finding it difficult to understand your ideas due to communication problems, you run the risk of becoming isolated from their view of reality, at which point certain people, such as mental health workers, may take particular actions that you are likely to see as unreliable. I do now see the connection between your paragraphs, but i'm afraid it took me a long time to work out what it was. nineteenthly, Feb 20 2005"

"[Sp@rkp|ug] If you look to the bottom left and right of your keyboard (near the "\" and the "/" keys") you will see two slightly wider keys with upward-pointing arrows grown-ups call "shift keys". These allow you to make you letters into UPPER CASE if they need to be. Using upper case when writing makes what you write look more intelligible, but in the case of this non-idea, I don't think even that would work. At the top right of the keyboard is a key called "backspace" - try applying this from the very last word of your posting. AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 20 2005"

"Right!. Please take time to read your previous annotation and correct the grammar so that it forms coherent sentences.... Only then can we understand what you are talking about. I realise that I am wide open to 'pot' and 'kettle' but at least I have made myself understood. gnomethang, Feb 20 2005"

thank you for you time.


P.S. to some, the 2D is point A and point B. to some, point A and point B happen simultaneously in every line of a drawing. the drawing, though, is one of a collection, and the collection is one of an artist's. and my COngPhoo, is better than yor COngPhoo, and your Haya! is better than my Haya. maybe while i kick your ass, you should do the yelling:)

[Feb 18 2005, last modified Feb 22 2005]

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