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Sulla 's Ghost

After passing away from an unfortunate case of bone-in-the-throat Lucius Cornelius SULLA 1981 , infamous halfbaker , was sent to hell .

God didn't let him into heaven (in which he didn't believe while alive) for having spawned a huge , raging storm of anger and hatred during his short (sniff) stay on earth. However , after a few days in hell the Old Horny Red Guy promply threw him out tired as he was of his constant , nagging , irksome ideas on how to worsen hell.

Well , I'm all that's left of him , a lost lonely lifeless specter.

By the way , being a stray spirit from across the Styx now I hope you can all spot my fingerprints here and there , for I intend to do quite a bit of whispering ...

[Feb 20 2002]


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