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"The lights are on, but..."

<breathless anticipation> "But what?!" </ba>


I have been welcomed to the HB by MaxwellBuchanan, who is a miserable git who never welcomes newbies. A high honour, indeed, and a badge I wear proudly.

My top TENS: Twitchicity.

[Feb 07 2007, last modified Jul 12 2007]

(+2, -1) Cylinder World
(-1) Distributed computing 2: The next generation
(+2, -1) dog doo shoo shoes
(+25, -1)(+25, -1)(+25, -1) Gadget Leave
(+2, -3) Mighty crackers
(+1) Personal reverse alarm
 Pirates of the Carbon Credits
(+1, -2) Refrigerate your lawn
(+13, -2)(+13, -2) Space Kite
(+5, -1) Surface water breathing
(+6, -1) Twitchicity

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